Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Two or "Spot the Difference"

Monday saw me full of excitement to get another photo, in daylight this time (sorry about crappy Sunday Day One images... I'm using my iPhone to take pictures at the moment... waiting for my boyfriend to bestow his fancy pants camera upon me).  The added bonus is that my office has a terrace, so that's where these next lot are taken, with the London skyline as my backdrop.  Not the best view however, as it was a sunny day and too bright in that direction.  Whatevs.

I'm wearing one of my favourite dresses from H&M that I got ages ago, it's great because it actually fits me really well, without needing any alterations, and has a cute spotty pattern on it.  I love patterns, anything in a clothes shop with a pattern instantly attracts my attention.  I have a lot of stuff with spots, stripes, checks, florals, horses, anchors, Eiffel Towers... you name it, I love them all.  I'm on a constant quest for patterns.

Incidentally, this very same dress also popped up on Glee a while ago, worn by Rachel Berry, which nearly made me go off it as she's pretty annoying.  I'll see if I can find a picture to see how it was styled.

Jacket: Topshop (size 8)
Dress: H&M (size 8)
Necklace: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Rocket Dog (size 5)

Excuse the dorky expression in this next one.  Not only am I squinting 'cos the sun was so bright and I'm not sure how to deal with it as it's been AWOL for so long, but I was also feeling pretty dorky as I was hoping nobody could see me posing away on the terrace as if I was on holiday visiting a place of historical interest, or summink.  Anyways.  This is the dress in its full glory and a close up of the print to fully appreciate the spotted fabulousness of it, as well as the cuteness of my owl necklace.

OK, it was actually ridiculously easy to find a picture of Rachel Berry in this dress.  I do quite like the  maroon (brown?) tights with it.  Here you go:

Bit blurry, soz :s


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