Thursday, 28 June 2012

Three or "Where's Me Jump(suit)er?"

Summer's arrived!  Quick, everybody outside before it disappears again!

To celebrate I decided to wear one of my two jumpsuits yesterday and headed out onto the terrace at work again.  Jumpsuits are genius, you get to swan around all day looking fabulous whilst being as comfy as if you're wearing pyjamas.  I must admit though that having to basically get naked every time you need to go to the loo, it's rather disconcerting.  I feverishly checked and double checked the lock on the cubicle every time.

So, back to the clothage.  You may be starting to notice that I wear a lot of black.  I do.  I've never quite managed to shake my teen goth tendencies.  So, this jumpsuit is from Miss Selfridge (last summer).  The regular Miss Selfridge range, as opposed to the Petite range.  Consequently it's a teeny bit long in the leg, but not enough to be a problem.  Don't I look pleased with myself in this picture!  That's 'cos I was!

Jumpsuit: Miss Selfridge (size 8)
Belt: H&M
Shoes: Primark (size 5)

The pattern on here is really pretty and it was this which first caught my attention, I've included a close up so you can fully appreciate it.  As for the accessories, a friend of mine has her own company making really beautiful vintage-inspired jewellery and I got this ring from there.  It's fully adjustable so it doesn't matter what size fingers you have, it will always fit :) 

Bracelet: H&M
Ring: Jewellery by Vanya

I should also probably mention my nails at this point... I had them done in a salon the other day and love the effect of a different colour on each nail.  I know this look has been around for a while but it was the first time I tried this particular colour combination and it made me feel so summery... however, three days in of having to plan my outfits around my nails, well, it's starting to get a bit old.  Time for a change, I reckon.


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