Thursday, 12 July 2012

Five or "Taking the Plunge"

Here's the thing about me: I develop obsessions where clothes are concerned and this dress has been one of them for years.  It has the cutest red buttons all down the back and I'm a sucker for that sort of detail.  Literally for about three or four years I've spotted various strangers wandering about in this dress, but never near enough for me to go and ask where it was from.  I always thought it was a spotty pattern, then saw someone wearing it on the tube early this year and realised it's actually little red anchors all over it.  So I trawled eBay for months and eventually found one in my size and bought it for the princely sum of just £3.  Yay me!    

Dress: New Look (size 8)
Belt: H&M (size XS)
Boots: Topshop (size 3)
Hair / Left Arm: windswept / badly fake-tanned respectively (eeshk)

Wearing this dress is also a nod to the relentless biblical rain - I need an anchor to avoid being swept away!  On eBay this dress is always described as 'indie/emo/pin-up'... I like the pin-up label the best and as such always try to make the effort to accessorise this dress with bright red nail polish.  This one's 'Cherry' from Maybelline, it's perfectly deliciously vampish.  Here's a close-up of the wonderfully kitsch anchors and nails:  

My rear ;)  And yes, the dress is ripped - a hazard of eShopping

My endless fascination with clothes can occasionally take me on weird and wonderful journeys... one such happened on Tuesday (when I wore this dress).  I was on my way home from work, sitting on the top deck of the W3 when I spotted a guy waiting at the bus stop ahead.  He was wearing a Nagano T-shirt... nothing unusual about that you might think, however I actually used to live in Nagano, Japan (the prefecture, not the city) so this caught my attention.  He also looked a bit familiar... but that might have been a figment of my imagination.  So I stared at at him and his T-shirt as my bus neared his stop and the following events happened:

The bus pulled up and he got down on one knee just as a girl stepped off the bus, I lip-read him saying to her "will you marry me?" then he slid the ring onto her finger... I'm assuming she accepted as the bus pulled off and inexplicably I didn't rubberneck to see what happened next.  I had inadvertently witnessed a marriage proposal!  At a bus stop!  The whole sequence took place over the course of about ten seconds and afterwards I dazedly had to question if that *did* just happen and had I *actually* just visually gatecrashed a really intimate moment?  I even felt a bit guilty at my voyeuristic role in the whole thing... but FFS, he DID just choose to propose in public!

As I got off the bus and walked home I ruminated over what I had just accidentally observed.  Initially I thought "what a knob!" and that it was a really badly-judged and ill-thought-out time and place for such a life-changing question.  Shouldn't it be more of a spectacle?  Flowers and hearts and shit?  However the more I think about it the more romantic it is to me that he turned what would usually be such a mundane point of the day for his (now) fiance into something so memorable.  It just goes to show that absolutely any random moment can be an opportunity.  Good on you, Mr Nagano T-shirt guy!  I wish you and your fiance every happiness :)


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