Sunday, 8 July 2012

Four or "Under my Umberella-ella-ella"

There's no getting round the British obsession with talking about the weather.  True to form it is indeed one of my favourite subjects and I have a bordering-on-abnormal fascination with weather reports and often check hour by hour forecasts to know WHEN exactly I'll be needing my umbrella and if so, which one I should take to coordinate with that day's outfit.  This week really hasn't disappointed at all in precipitation-based conversational diatribes *shakes fist at sky*.  Consequently I just haven't been arsed to take many pictures of my outfits, mainly because A) my hair becomes a huge frizzy red halo at the slightest drop of moisture in the air; B) rain-associated shoe problems; and C) the deluge not relenting for long enough for me to coax a camera-wielding friend outside to take a picture of my ensemble.

HOWEVER, last weekend I headed up to Manchester to watch the Stone Roses loooong-awaited reunion gig at Heaton Park.  Hmmn... Manchester and a festival... it's like I was purposely hunting down wet weather and yes indeed the rain did reign.  BUT, the gig was AWESOME!  Music is another of my obsessions and there's nothing like dancing in a field to a fantastic band to make my soul shine, even when the sun does not.  Sigh.  It also helped that I dressed weather-appropriate, if not exactly at my most stylish... here's my poncho pic, accessorised with a pint of cider (not my first, hence the expression).  P.S.  I've never yet managed to find a 'petite' poncho and they do tend to drown me, no matter how small the size:

Poncho: Primark (size XS)
Hoodie: Topshop (size 8)
Wellies: Miss Selfridge (size 5)
Headband: New Look

I've actually worn some great outfits this week and MUST TRY HARDER to capture them digitally.  The only one I have managed to is what I'm wearing right now and actually it involves one of my favourite shirts that I wear to death and usually snatch it off the drying rack to don without wasting any time in ironing the poor thing.  Sorry about the creases, but I just couldn't wait.  (I'm also wearing it underneath all the layers in the pic above, but promise it's been washed in the meantime).

Shirt: Topshop (size 8)
Vest: H&M (size 8)
Leggings: Topshop Petite (size 8)
Fake Cons: Primark (size 4)

Well don't I have a lot to say today.  I'm now going to bang on about the two purchases I made this week that feature in the above pic.  Firstly my supercute necklace... loving the silver/antique gold combo and who WOULDN''T want to monkey around in this?  (Sorry).

Necklace: Topshop

Next up, fake Cons.  I wouldn't normally touch such a thing with a proverbial, however I found these in Primark and they were ONLY SIX QUID so I just couldn't help myself.  I even picked up a pink pair too, I was so overwhelmed at how Cons-vincing they are.  And cheap cheap cheap :)


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