Saturday, 28 July 2012

Nine or "Papped!"

When I first had the idea of starting a blog, I wanted it to not only be about what outfits I manage to cobble together, but also those outfits that I see when I'm out and about.  For example there's a girl at my bus stop in the morning that I have a total style crush on (I couldn't tell you what she looks like, just that she has a fabulous selection of Topshop boots). 

I constantly see clothes on other people that I absolutely LOVE and NEED to know where they bought them.  However, here's the dilemma: I can't possibly cope with a conversation at that time in the morning (e.g. to ask where her tie dye maxi skirt is from) and am also put off by the prospect of then onwards having to make stilted small talk with the same virtual stranger day after day.  But I think I have a solution.  Why not open it up to other people to tell me where it's from?  Somebody else as clothes-obsessed as me would surely know!  So I figured in that sort of situation I'll surreptitiously take a picture (that's what camera phones are for, right?) and see if anyone else knows.  

I feel like I have to make it ABSOLUTELY CLEAR here that I am a stalker of STYLE, NOT PEOPLE!  So as an example, here's a couple of dresses that I papped during the past week - they're so cute I have to know where they're from!

Bit blurry, soz.

I need to work on my papping technique...
Can anybody help me work out where these beauties are from?  The DRESSES, I mean!  :)

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  1. Jo, Your blog has inspired me! After ooh, at least 5 years of M&S shopping (gah!) I got myself into Top Shop last night and SHOPPED! Thanks to you, I am the proud owner of two funky tops and a v flattering non-mumsy style dress :-)
    This particular blog post made me laugh out loud - I hope you don't get into any trouble papping fabrics!
    And I absolutely adore the those inky colours!


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