Friday, 20 July 2012

Seven or "Little Red Riding in the 'Hood"

I honestly don't know where the time has gone this week!  In non-chronological order I've been crazy busy at work, had a hair cut, a celebratory dinner with my lovely boyfriend, still not read beyond the first chapter of Fifty Shades of Grey (so far so dreadful), got inappropriately drunk at a work barbecue and possibly talked myself into a free trip to Vegas - score!  Well... it hasn't happened yet, so cross your fingers for me :) It seems like the only thing I haven't managed to do is update my blog, so I'm going to hit you with a flurry of photos, both before and after my haircut, of this week's ensembles.  I love them all, obvs.

First up, wolfie baby!  I feel like I have to reveal here that yes, I admit it... I'm a hoarder.  I find it almost impossible to throw ANYTHING away.  This definitely applies to my wardrobe which is vast and ever-growing, rarely diminishing.  Consequently I tend to forget about certain items then rediscover them and wear them to death all over again.  This T-shirt falls into this category - I resurrected it a few months ago as an homage to lovely boyfriend's ad featuring an asthmatic wolf...

Shirt: Primark via eBay (Size 8)
Scarf / Comfort Blanket: H&M
T-shirt: Topshop (Size 10)
Vest (just seen): H&M (Size 8)
Jeans: Topshop Petite (Size 10)
Plimsolls: Primark (Size 5)

He'll huff and he'll puff
Last weekend, when I wasn't quaffing champagne at a tea party, I took a stroll along the canal on my way to Camden Taaahn.  It was raining of course, so I took the opportunity to get a brolly shot.  There's nothing like red polka dots to brighten a dreary day, no?

Umbrella: Primark
Shirt: H&M (Size 8)
Vest: H&M (Size 8)
Skirt: Forever 21 (Size XS)
Converse: bought in Osaka, Japan (Size 4.5)
Satchel: H&M

The skirt was an impulse buy last summer and has proved to be wonderfully versatile... the floral print is just really cute, I love the colour combo.  Forever 21 doesn't do a Petite section, but their skirts and dresses are often on the short side, perfect for moi.  Here's the print:

Last up, the outfit I happened to be wearing when I drank a fair amount of beer, wine and spirits... at a work do.  I'm blessed (or should that be cursed?) with pretty much instant and total memory loss no matter how much I drink, so even if I did completely embarrass myself (which actually I really don't think I did), heck I just don't remember what happened.  In my favour I was looking supercute in my pony-print Peter Pan collar tunic/dress thing.  I was also debuting my freshly trimmed hair, admittedly a bit windswept here whilst posing earlier in the day:

Cardigan: H&M (Size XS)
Dress / Tunic Thing: Primark (Size 8)
Boots: Topshop (Size 3)

My Little Ponies

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