Sunday, 15 July 2012

Six or "These Shoes Aren't Made For Walking"

This week a loverly American friend celebrated her birthday and wanted to mark the occasion with the most British of parties: high tea!  My idea of celebrating (or defying, as I get older) my birthday is drinking my bodyweight in booze before throwing myself around a nightclub, so I was intrigued (and yes, slightly flummoxed) at the notion of marking a birthday with such a civilised Sunday afternoon treat.  The dress code was tea dresses and fascinators.  Admittedly I'm not a fascinator fan so I decided to add my own twist and went for backcombing and a bow instead.

I love everything about the dress I wore - purple is my favourite colour and the Topshop petite cut means that all the proportions are right for my short-arse-ness.  I got it last winter and it's great because it can be dressed up or down so here's me dressed up for once! I went for a slightly retro look with seam-back stockings (no pic, gah), sexy heels and my favourite Ruby Woo lipstick from MAC.

Bow Headband: Accessorize
Dress: Topshop Petite (Size 8)
Tights: Miss Selfridge (Size S)
Shoes: Dorothy Perkins via eBay (Size 4)

My feet friggin' hurt!  Despite my diminutive stature I don't often wear heels but when I do I like them to be HIGH.  However, I don't handle pain at all well and have spent this evening bitching about my sore soles and throbbing toes.  I'm so not cut out for regularly looking like a lady thanks to having the pain threshold of a bloke.  Note: if ever I have to face childbirth I want to make it clear right now - I would like to delegate, please!


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