Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Twenty or "Dippy Dye Doo Dah"

I've got new hair!  I took the plunge and dip dyed it and am delighted with the results!  I'm still most definitely a redhead, but have blonded out the ends which I think suits me quite well... in fact, a friend declared on hearing my news "one could argue that you've always been a blonde tips kinda girl"... er... thanks?

Having a new hair colour (well part of my hair, anyway) prompted me to introduce a bit more colour into my clothes so I celebrated with a bright blue skirt, also on its first outing. My boyfriend reckons this outfit is reminiscent of a schoolgirl... I'm prompted to repeat... er, thanks?

Blonde and brightness!
Cardigan: H&M (Size XS)
Shirt & Skirt: Primark: (Size 8)
Wedge Boots: Topshop (Size 4)

I absolutely have to show you Andrea's outfit that she debuted to go to a London Fashion Week thing the other day.  It's an amazing ensemble and I want all of it!  So far I've only managed to get the necklace, which is most covetable.

An invisible man was pulling her hair.  FOR REAL.
Necklace: H&M
Jacket & Dress: River Island 

Here's a closer look at the pattern on the dress, it's most excellent.  Station!  ...OK fine, I'll stop with the Bill & Ted references, it's a little too random even for me... I had very little sleep last night.  I might be delirious.

Bodacious beading.
Right, I should go and get some sleep, but not before packing a very large suitcase as I'm off on me holidays tomorrow, huzzah!

One last look at my hair.  It's great, even if I do say so myself.  Thanks so much, Lisa Shepherd London!

Let's face it, this is the best it's ever going to look,
'cos I just stepped out of a sal-ON.

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Nineteen or "Morning, Coat"

Autumn most definitely made its presence felt this week, so I was compelled to debut my new 'boyfriend' coat from, of course, Primark.  There's a story with this coat - it's a blatant rip-off of a Topshop one which I've tried on several times over the course of late summer. The Topshop version is £89, whilst the Primark one is only £30 - no brainer, I'll take the cheapo one, thanks!  (And use the money I save to buy other stuff, obvs).

I got this coat a size bigger than usual as I wanted a nice roomy fit.  I've been fully embracing 90's throwback grungey baggy wonderfulness recently and so a bigger coat allows for bigger clothes underneath. Y'see, I think these things through.

Perfectly normal to wear a coat inside, right?
Coat: Primark (Size 10)

This coat has a pleather collar which you can't see above as my dodgy barnet is covering it up, so I've included a close up below.  Aren't I nice.

More normal to wear a coat outside.  Phew.
Underneath the wonderful coat I'm wearing one of my most typical go-to outfits, that I tend to fling on when either I really can't be bothered to think about what to wear, or I'm too hungover to deal with anything more complicated than jeans and a T-shirt.  The former was true, this particular day.  Comfort in clothing form:

Shirt: Primark via eBay (Size 8)
Sleeveless T-shirt: Topshop Petite (Size 10)
Jeans: Topshop Petite (Size 10)
Converse (Size 4.5)

These jeans are acid-wash and I don't feel as though my iPhone really does them justice.  So here's another close up, so you can appreciate their coolness just as much as I do:

P.S. If you're still reading this far down, take a good look at my hair in these photos as it's due a makeover and might just look a little different from hereon in.
Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Eighteen or "Get Shorty"

SHORTS!  I've been living in my SHORT SHORTS.  At weekends at least.  And what a weekend last weekend was, weather-wise.  I fear it was probably the last great sunny and warm weekend of the year, so my shorts-wearing days are probably going to be short-lived this year.  This particular high-waisted pair looks good with a short top, here's a couple of examples of my sort-of-summery choice combos:

Excuse the dorky hair parting, my fringe is out of control right now.
Sunnies: M&S
Shirt: H&M (Size 8)
Short Shorts: Topshop (Size 10)
Footless Tights: Topshop (Size S)
Sandals: Topshop (Size 4)

Fringe still misbehaving...
Top: H&M (Size 8)
Plimsolls: Primark (Size 5)

I haven't shown full appreciation to my sunglasses in any of my posts yet.  I got them last summer after a long, arduous quest for the perfect pair of cat-eyes. I found them in Marks & Spencer of all places - shocking!  It was indeed hard to find a good pair last year... of course this year the shops are overflowing with them, but they're still not as good as these *sighs with self-satisfaction*.

Miaow with bows on.  And a bit of  post-Dubrovnik sunburn.
Short and sweet, innit.
Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Seventeen or "Do Brovnik"

Have you ever been to Croatia, specifically Dubrovnik?  I hadn't until this week and goodness me I honestly don't know why I hadn't visited before.  It's amazing!  So beautiful! A town within a fort, so moats and drawbridges aplenty!  Like, wow.  I felt as though I was walking around a fairy tale, it's almost hyperreally picturesque.

I wasn't expecting to enjoy my trip, to be honest.  It wasn't a holiday, it was the annual work jolly where the entire company is taken overseas for a couple of days for an almighty piss up (my interpretation of proceedings).  This may well sound great, but I was involved in the logistical organisation of the whole shebang, and let me tell you: transporting and rooming 200 people and dealing with all of their questions, however random, REALLY DOESN'T equate to fun.  But now it's all over with, I can admit that parts of it were definitely enjoyable, A Right Laugh even.

Such a short trip didn't allow for many outfits, but see here my favourite: my lovely playsuit that I recently nearly sold on eBay before coming to my senses and keeping it.

Looks more like a dress here.  It isn't.  It's a playsuit.  Check out the backdrop, though!
Sunglasses: Marks & Spencer
Playsuit: New Look (Size 8)
Sandals: Topshop (Size 4)

Looks more like a playsuit in this one.  Not so much of the great view is visible.
Here's the playsuit print.  Nice, eh.
So what did we do in Dubrovnik?  In amongst all the drinking, there was a trip on a galleon, that was cool. We also did a treasure hunt in the Old Town.  Each team was assigned a colour and had to dress accordingly.  My team (Dark Blue) sourced some ugly navy hats (which were actually very effective at shielding us from the scorching sun) and a rather uninspiring white T-shirt, neither of which will feature on this blog.  As part of the treasure hunt, tasks involved blind ice cream tasting as well as abseiling down one of the city walls. Naturally I volunteered for both... I even managed to get a photo of the latter which was very cool, and yes, pretty scary!

Ahoy there, galleon!

Pirates of the Adriatic
Here's me and the lovely Karina on board the galleon.  This was the only photo I managed to get of my piss up outfit.  Mainly because shortly after this photo was taken, everyone was too pissed up to hold a camera straight.

Karina dressed appropriately in nautical stripes.  I didn't.
J Necklace: Stolen Thunder
Kimono-type Top: Primark (Size 8)
Dress: Topshop (Size 8)

Let's finish off with some shots of the Old Town, it really is stunning.  These photos were taken whilst legging it around town in the midst of the treasure hunt so I don't actually feel as though I have experienced the place properly.  I'll most definitely be coming back.

The port.  Photo taken mid-dash across a drawbridge.
OK, Team Dark Blue's ensemble HAS crept into the picture.  Just not on me.
The wall I abseiled down.  High.
Check me out moonwalking down a wall!
A brief moment of respite back at the hotel. Bliss.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Sixteen or "Ra Ra Ramen"

It's not all work, work, work.  Or is it?  Sadly for me it has been this summer, so consequently my social life has taken a bit of a nose dive of late.  So imagine my excitement at the novelty of a mid-week date night!  In Soho of all places which is properly out in London, yeah baby!

Where did we go?  Well, since I got back from Japan several years ago, I've often lamented the lack of authentic and tasty ramen places in London, so when I heard about Tonkotsu on Dean Street I immediately told my boyfriend that we MUST GO THERE and check it out.  I wasn't disappointed, it was OISHII.  Tonkotsu ramen is pork belly on noodles in soup, sounds hideous, tastes fantastic.  Trust me.  It even had an egg, as it should.  Mmmn... as I write this with a mild hangover I could devour another bowl.

I gave my cute-as My Little Pony shirt another outing for the occasion:

Shirt: Primark (Size 8)
Bordeaux Leigh Jeans: Topshop Petite (Size 10)
Boots: Topshop (Size 3)

And of course my most very favourite pleather biker:

It was a very bright day, excuse the shadowy face
 Jacket: Topshop Petite (Size 8)

If you want to properly appreciate the delightful pony print of the shirt, take a look at Post Ten.  In the meantime, check out my nails, a very girly 'I Think in Pink' by OPI:

Whilst I do like pink, I wouldn't say I think in it.  Is that even possible?
I fully intended to take a photo of my tonkotsu ramen but when it arrived all thought of photos immediately flew out of the window as it looked and smelled so amazing.  I've therefore pilfered this photo from elsewhere, so you can see what I'm going on about:

Not dissimilar to what I ate.  Drool.
I did manage to take one photo whilst out and about that evening.  Here I am at the Dean Street Townhouse with a borrowed espresso martini... 'cos it's visually more interesting than the glass of wine I was actually drinking:

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Fifteen or "Free-stylin"

Who doesn't love a freebie? I certainly do!  This has been a weekend for them, of sorts... Friday arrived with a mid-morning phone call from La Durée - I'd won their weekly business card raffle and could I pop over there to collect my prize, a box of 15 macaroons? Why yes, I most certainly could!  I promptly dropped everything and hot-footed it over to the City to collect my loot.  Aaah, bliss.  I've pretty much polished off the lot now and am still making self-satisfied lip-smacking noises.  Mmmm.

On Saturday I tasked myself with buying some denim short shorts, as I have two holidays coming up within the next month and my wardrobe has been crying out for a pair for absolute yonks.  So I presented myself at Topshop and determinedly tried on EVERY SINGLE STYLE in the shop.  I'm not joking, it took me two hours, three fitting room sessions and about 50 self portraits, from every angle, on the trusty iPhone.  I finally made my choice and on paying was surprised and delighted to hear that they were just £7!  I hadn't even realised they were in the sale - that's almost a freebie!

I'm rocking these shorts today, here's how: first without, then with my beloved Topshop faux-leather (let's actually NOT be pretentious.. it's pleather) biker jacket:

Necklace: Primark
Apricot / Peach Vest: Topshop (Size 8)
Denim Shorts: Topshop (Size 10)
Footless Tights: Topshop (Size S)
Ballet Pumps: Primark (Size 5)

Pleather Biker Jacket: Topshop Petite (Size 8)

This ensemble also features the first outing for a Primark necklace I picked up recently, at just £4 is was also an almost-freebie:

I can't go without showing you my winnings from La Durée.  Start salivating now:

As they were.  Now there's only crumbs left.


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