Saturday, 22 September 2012

Nineteen or "Morning, Coat"

Autumn most definitely made its presence felt this week, so I was compelled to debut my new 'boyfriend' coat from, of course, Primark.  There's a story with this coat - it's a blatant rip-off of a Topshop one which I've tried on several times over the course of late summer. The Topshop version is £89, whilst the Primark one is only £30 - no brainer, I'll take the cheapo one, thanks!  (And use the money I save to buy other stuff, obvs).

I got this coat a size bigger than usual as I wanted a nice roomy fit.  I've been fully embracing 90's throwback grungey baggy wonderfulness recently and so a bigger coat allows for bigger clothes underneath. Y'see, I think these things through.

Perfectly normal to wear a coat inside, right?
Coat: Primark (Size 10)

This coat has a pleather collar which you can't see above as my dodgy barnet is covering it up, so I've included a close up below.  Aren't I nice.

More normal to wear a coat outside.  Phew.
Underneath the wonderful coat I'm wearing one of my most typical go-to outfits, that I tend to fling on when either I really can't be bothered to think about what to wear, or I'm too hungover to deal with anything more complicated than jeans and a T-shirt.  The former was true, this particular day.  Comfort in clothing form:

Shirt: Primark via eBay (Size 8)
Sleeveless T-shirt: Topshop Petite (Size 10)
Jeans: Topshop Petite (Size 10)
Converse (Size 4.5)

These jeans are acid-wash and I don't feel as though my iPhone really does them justice.  So here's another close up, so you can appreciate their coolness just as much as I do:

P.S. If you're still reading this far down, take a good look at my hair in these photos as it's due a makeover and might just look a little different from hereon in.


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