Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Seventeen or "Do Brovnik"

Have you ever been to Croatia, specifically Dubrovnik?  I hadn't until this week and goodness me I honestly don't know why I hadn't visited before.  It's amazing!  So beautiful! A town within a fort, so moats and drawbridges aplenty!  Like, wow.  I felt as though I was walking around a fairy tale, it's almost hyperreally picturesque.

I wasn't expecting to enjoy my trip, to be honest.  It wasn't a holiday, it was the annual work jolly where the entire company is taken overseas for a couple of days for an almighty piss up (my interpretation of proceedings).  This may well sound great, but I was involved in the logistical organisation of the whole shebang, and let me tell you: transporting and rooming 200 people and dealing with all of their questions, however random, REALLY DOESN'T equate to fun.  But now it's all over with, I can admit that parts of it were definitely enjoyable, A Right Laugh even.

Such a short trip didn't allow for many outfits, but see here my favourite: my lovely playsuit that I recently nearly sold on eBay before coming to my senses and keeping it.

Looks more like a dress here.  It isn't.  It's a playsuit.  Check out the backdrop, though!
Sunglasses: Marks & Spencer
Playsuit: New Look (Size 8)
Sandals: Topshop (Size 4)

Looks more like a playsuit in this one.  Not so much of the great view is visible.
Here's the playsuit print.  Nice, eh.
So what did we do in Dubrovnik?  In amongst all the drinking, there was a trip on a galleon, that was cool. We also did a treasure hunt in the Old Town.  Each team was assigned a colour and had to dress accordingly.  My team (Dark Blue) sourced some ugly navy hats (which were actually very effective at shielding us from the scorching sun) and a rather uninspiring white T-shirt, neither of which will feature on this blog.  As part of the treasure hunt, tasks involved blind ice cream tasting as well as abseiling down one of the city walls. Naturally I volunteered for both... I even managed to get a photo of the latter which was very cool, and yes, pretty scary!

Ahoy there, galleon!

Pirates of the Adriatic
Here's me and the lovely Karina on board the galleon.  This was the only photo I managed to get of my piss up outfit.  Mainly because shortly after this photo was taken, everyone was too pissed up to hold a camera straight.

Karina dressed appropriately in nautical stripes.  I didn't.
J Necklace: Stolen Thunder
Kimono-type Top: Primark (Size 8)
Dress: Topshop (Size 8)

Let's finish off with some shots of the Old Town, it really is stunning.  These photos were taken whilst legging it around town in the midst of the treasure hunt so I don't actually feel as though I have experienced the place properly.  I'll most definitely be coming back.

The port.  Photo taken mid-dash across a drawbridge.
OK, Team Dark Blue's ensemble HAS crept into the picture.  Just not on me.
The wall I abseiled down.  High.
Check me out moonwalking down a wall!
A brief moment of respite back at the hotel. Bliss.


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