Monday, 29 October 2012

Twenty-five or "Season of the Witch"

I've been saving this post as I wanted to coordinate it with Hallowe'en, which in my opinion is the second best thing about winter. The number one (and only other) best thing about winter as far as I'm concerned is the extra hour in bed when the clocks go back. So that's passed now. Harrumph, roll on Spring!

OK, enough of the tedious moaning. Today I'm continuing my pictorial boastings of the Great American Road Trip, yay! After a rather boring Boston we headed immediately north to Salem, Massachusetts, a place where Hallowe'en is taken very seriously (decorations on a par with Christmas!) and is celebrated for the entire month of October, not just the 31st. They have good reason too due to their rather gruesome heritage of the real life witch trials of the 1690's. Google them, they were Not Nice.

Anyhows, let's get on to what I wore. It was still warm back at the beginning of the month so I took my last opportunity to dress summery in my beloved denim cut offs and very unspooky My Little Pony shirt.

Hanging with my homies.

Shirt: Primark (Size 8)
Shorts: Topshop (Size 10)

A quick note about my nails. A happy coincidence in that they were painted black, which is my go-to nail shade, no matter what the season. Here they are:

As black as night

Oo-ahh, I'm as white as a ghost!

Cool as a cauldron

Matt, Pinky, Perky.

You must be an angel. I can see it in your eyes.

The Lovely Bones

Obligatory graveyard shot

So that's it for today. And yes, it hasn't escaped my notice that the only scary thing in the sun-dappled graveyard is my posing. Shudder.


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