Saturday, 13 October 2012

Twenty-one or "Love Hamptons"

I've been on holiday, I have!  My third overseas trip in as many months, there's definitely something to be said for saving up your holidays until the latter half of the year.  This time I flung myself far: da USA, woop woop!  It was a holiday of several parts and I shall take each segment as a separate post.

First up: the Hamptons! Now, anyone who has seen Revenge, Gossip Girl Season 2, or even Weekend at Bernie's will know that the Hamptons are a particularly beautiful part of the world, teeming with vengeful characters, salacious happenings and/or the inconvenient cropping up of dead bodies.  My trip was, thankfully, devoid of all of the above (except the beautiful scenery) as I was in East Hampton with a group of friends for the real-life wedding of American beauty Daria to London copper Martin.

I wore a very tight-fitting dress for the beachside wedding... I'd made the mistake of buying it four months previously and then, to my horror, realised a couple of weeks beforehand that I had actually got a bit fatter since then.  Cue emergency first-time-ever panic diet and increased exercise plan prior to the trip!

Beautiful harbour views at the Reception, accessorised with a Bloody Mary and moi.

Necklace: H&M (inspired by Andrea in previous post)
Dress: Louche at Joy the Store (Size 8/XS)
Shoes: Dorothy Perkins via eBay (Size 4)

Let's just take a moment to talk about my bag, which you can't quite see in the picture. I'm a sucker for vintage-style bags and found this beauty in Miss Selfridge the day before I left the UK... it's purse-fection, just look at it!

Sigh, bag love

And the obligatory close-up of the graphic floral print on my dress:

Fabulous florals

Of course I can't just announce that I've been to a wedding without showing you a snap of the bridal party. Big up to the dresses: Daria looked absolutely beautiful and I luh-uh-uhved the ocean blue of her bridesmaids' dresses, worn with very beach-appropriate flip-flops.  

Daria and her bridesmaids

I put a lot of effort into my hair that day, involving lots of backcombing, curling and pinning. It was incredibly windy at the beach so I really need not have bothered, however this is the one and only picture where it doesn't look like I've been dragged through a hedge backwards. Unfortunately, not the best photo of Matt, but hey...

Getting attacked by Matt's corsage (from that pesky hedge).

And the only other picture I got of the rest of the beach.  Not a corpse in sight, yay!

Windswept fringe. Should have used more hairspray.


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