Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Thirty-four or "First Time for Everything"

I have a confession to make: I'm not much of an internet clothes shopper. My previous attempts have generally been unsuccessful resulting in a mournful traipse to the post office to return items which looked blooming marvellous in the picture but shockingly awful on moi in real life. I blame it on my weird proportions, being short yet curvy generally means I have to try things on in order to establish the correct fit/style/length etc.

HOWEVER several recent purchases have had much more positive outcomes - hurrah! screams my wardrobe (but not my wallet). Now, I only recently heard of Lavish Alice and if you haven't yet then you must check them out IMMEDIATELY... after you've finished reading this, obvs. I think they're exclusively online and their clothes are VERY COOL. I bought a dress from them for the first time the other day, here it is:

The tights are black, not brown. Despite appearances.


A midi-length is another first for me but I thought I would give it a whirl, and it turned out to not be as unflattering as I'd feared. However, I'm still thinking about getting the dress shortened a little so it sits just below the knee... or maybe I won't. I can't decide. Help!

Check out the paint splodge print in close-up, that's what first caught my eye, I love it:

I reckon this dress would work really well in summer, but as it is now winter (booo!) I obviously couldn't swan about without some extra layers on top. I threw on a black long-length cardigan, although in hindsight I think a shorter one would actually look better. But hey, this is what I was wearing yesterday when I took the photos, so we'll all just have to deal with it.

I must mention another first for me here: taking photos in the p1ssing rain! I hope you appreciate my dedication.

Forgive my indulgence here, another first: I've just discovered Pic Monkey for editing photos and creating collages, so I'm having a little fun with photos, yay!

And my last, but certainly not least, first: I discovered that one of my workmates is also a blogger! Check out the lovely Saule from Sunshine Days, she randomly stumbled upon my site and now I have someone to bounce blog ideas off, woo! She also kindly braved the rain with me to get these shots after we waited the entire day for the rain to pass. It didn't. Bravo Saule, you rock!

Dress: Lavish Alice (here)
Cardigan: Primark (new)
Boots: Topshop (old)

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  1. that dress looks amazing on you!! ^^
    i really like your blog :)

  2. Really great outfit and lovely shots :-)

  3. Fab - looks amazing on, Jo - and really good from the back too! Always important, that ;-)

  4. Such a beautiful outfit and you are so cute.^^
    Maybe follow each other on BLOGLOVIN and GFC???
    My Blog

  5. Cute midi dress!

    Lana, xo

  6. Love the dress,I think you really suit the midi length! :)xxxx


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