Sunday, 25 November 2012

Thirty-three or "Hyper Japan"

So friends, on Saturday I went to Hyper Japan - a Japanese culture extravaganza held at Earls Court in London. Anyone who has ever met me in the last few years will know that I used to live in Japan and I'll wax lyrical about my time there at any opportunity... seriously, even I would probably avoid me at parties! (See this earlier blog post where I talk a bit more about my experiences: Ten or Kawaii, ne).

My outfit for the day consisted of pieces that I've had for absolute ages, except the T-shirt which is fairly new. You can't see it properly, but it's oversized, has rolled-up sleeves and is a lovely shade of marl green. Not quite matcha green, but whatevs.

Everyone should have these gloves!

Ghostly goings on next to me. Or slow shutter speed.

Anyway, I dragged my boyfriend along (who has never been to Japan) and we immersed ourselves in all things kawaii (cute), oishii (nyom), manga, technological (a robotic hand!), traditional and many more besides. I took a shed-load of photos and thought I would share a choice few, in case you're interested.

I find Japanese street fashion by far the most visually interesting of any I've ever seen. Never since have I witnessed a populace so consistently well-turned out and immaculately presented, no matter what personal style they're rocking. Of course at Hyper Japan the most common sartorial theme was Lolita and Manga - check out these beauties:

This is an actual real person, despite resembling a mannequin

Rather more traditional attire

Here's a few other things which caught my eye, bringing back many random memories:

iPhone cases and the ubiquitous Kitty-chan

Japanese crockery. LOVE IT!

Just cute

Wig out

Kimonos up high

Kawaii jewellery

Takoyaki AKA octopus balls. Yup.

Matt found himself a Manga-me. He wishes.

We rounded off the day by eating in a Japanese restaurant back in Crouch End. Here I am chowing down on some tempura and rice, or 'ten-don' as I snootily refer to it. Muchos soz for the blurry picture here and in general above, but we're both consistently crap photographers. Who knew?

Shirt & Dress (worn as Skirt): H&M (old)
T-shirt: Topshop (here)
Boots & Bag: Primark (old)

Coat: Wolsey (here)

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