Friday, 9 November 2012

Twenty-eight or "Into Combat"

If it weren't currently Autumn, today I would be absolutely brimming with the joys of Spring. I'm chirpy as a newborn chick, lively as a leaping lamb, merry as a mad March hare... and why? 'Cos I've only gone and won a competition! A competition where the prize is clothing... HELLO, did Christmas come early? I have the lovely blogger Mediamarmalade to thank, in conjunction with Krisp... check them both out, do.  More to come on my prize loot in a future post.

Back to current clothing. I've been after a combat print shirt or jacket for a while now but had completely failed at finding the perfect piece... that is until I hotfooted it into Primark on payday and lo! there was a wonderful combat shirt just sitting there, waiting for me. I snapped it up immediately, thankful that at only £12 it made a minimal dent to my pay packet.

I've worn this shirt loads already, most recently to a gig in Brixton where I found myself accidentally socialising with the singer prior to the gig... whilst pretending to not know who he was... despite having bought a ticket specifically to see him... it was all very awkward! The ruse was finally revealed when my friend demanded of him to know exactly when his set would start and more importantly, did we have time to get another drink before he was on? We did. All was well. (I'd tell you who he was, but you definitely won't have heard of him, unless you're into 90's shoegazing bands).

So yes, here's more photos of what I was wearing during this comedy of errors:

I'm into studs in a big way at the moment. The sparkly ones on the shirt pockets do not disappoint:

Not quite getting the hang of shoegazing

Here's my beloved furry coat. I got it a couple of winters ago and it's still going strong. Perfect for any occasion!

I'm off to a gig.  See ya!

Yay, I just remembered I've won some clothes!

Shirt & Socks: Primark
Leigh Jeans: Topshop Petite
Coat & Boots: Topshop
Ring: Jewellery by Vanya

Oh go on then, twist my arm. The singer in question was Mark Gardener from Ride.
I bet you're still none the wiser.


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