Sunday, 11 November 2012

Twenty-nine or "All About Accessories"

Have you got an outfit that just makes you look way cooler than you really feel? I experienced this exact scenario just the other day and it made me so happy! It was a simple outfit that with a few key additions and accessories made me fall head over heels with the entire ensemble.. let me talk you through this cast of kick-ass characters.

First off, the basics: essentially a jumper and jeans. Admittedly this is a spectacular 'cold shoulder' jumper from last winter that I rediscovered in a quest through my wardrobe for ANYTHING WITH SLEEVES to wear to work in a permanently arctic office. Obvious point to mention: having large holes, intentional or otherwise, in one's clothes does not aid warmth. 

Already feeling cool. And chilly.

Cold shoulders, yep. And inevitable windswept hair.

Now let's look at my new boots. These are so awesome and surprisingly comfortable. I agonised for ages as to whether I should get them in black or brown and briefly dallied with the idea of getting both as they're ONLY £35 (!!) from Runway Shoes. Thankfully for my bank account, common sense kicked in just before I clicked past the button of no return and I got only the brown pair. I take solace knowing the black pair still await me.

It was a cold day both inside and outside the office so I took the opportunity to dig out two other items from years past, each of which instantly up the cool factor: my goes-with-everything beloved furry coat and MOST FABULOUS cloche hat. I'm obsessed with cloches, they really ring my bell! *Hangs head in shame at terrible pun*.

The last accessory to share is a rather traumatic new addition to my life: a pair of glasses. I've managed to exist all this time without ever needing glasses, however a couple of weeks ago I admitted defeat and took myself off to the opticians for a long overdue eye test, resulting in, actually, a pretty cool set of glasses (and blooming expensive lenses.. I didn't know you had to pay for those on top of the price of the frames, AARGH *credit card snaps in two of its own accord*).

Too specsy for this coat

So there we have it. I feel like I could viably hang with the cool kids in Dalston and not look out of place! Do I want to do that? Not especially...

P.S. I also have to mention my nails: a glorious ultra-dark black cherry hue from Nails Inc. A happy coincidence that coordinated particularly well with this get-up.

Jumper, Coat & Rings: Topshop
Jeans: Topshop Petite
Boots: Runway Shoes
Hat: H&M
Glasses: Superdry
Nails: Victoria by Nails Inc

OK, I realise that 14 photos is a little over the top for one blog post, but considering I don't plan on ever leaving my desk whilst wearing my glasses, I thought I should share as many pictures of them as possible as a one-time-only opportunity for you to have a butchers. They may never feature again!

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