Sunday, 4 November 2012

Twenty-seven or "From Topshop to Toe"

It seems as though I've spent the whole weekend languishing on the sofa nursing a sore head, following two unintentionally boozy nights out; the first involved an awkward near-stalking encounter with a teen idol (meaning an idol from my teens, not that the idol in question is a teenager, eurgh); the second night out culminated in an impromptu extended drinking session in an Enfield pub, when the original sole purpose of the evening had merely been to watch some scouts-funded fireworks then go home. Conclusion: I drank too much and now I'm suffering. Woe is me.

For anyone outside the UK who is not familiar with Bonfire / Guy Fawkes Night (actually it's tomorrow, 5th November), this is the most popular time of year for firework displays ... some bloke back in the 17th century had a failed attempt at blowing up Parliament and we've since latched onto this as an excuse to have fireworks and bonfires and toffee apples and so on. It's good!

So this post I'll be sharing last night's outfit where I found myself dressed as a one-woman salute to Topshop's Petite range in my jumper, jeans and coat. I'm a total wuss when the weather turns cold and as watching the Enfield fireworks involved some night-time standing in a park for a couple of hours, it was essential to wrap up warm, which I did with aplomb. Behold:

Ill-advised outdoor posing in the cold

I got this Paddington Bear duffle coat from Topshop Petite last winter and it's wonderfully warm and cosy. I've even seen a very similar version back in the stores this winter so it's proving popular... to the extent that one of my drinking buddies from last night was also sporting the same coat - aw snap!

Marmalade sandwich, anyone?
And the rest:

Don't be fooled by the sunlight, it was freezing!



Jumper, Jeans & Coat: Topshop Petite
Hat & Mittens: Primark
Boots: Topshop
Lipstick: Lady Danger by MAC


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