Thursday, 1 November 2012

Twenty-six or "Pleather & Lace"

I made a delightful new addition to my high street havens this past week: Pull&Bear! Until last weekend I hadn't really shown much interest in this shop, mistakenly believing it to be one of the more uninspiring retailers on Oxford Street and so had given it a wide berth for at least a couple of years. Imagine my delight then when I wandered in on a whim and experienced love at first sight with the very first item I laid eyes on, this wonderful leather (ha!) studded-of-waist skater skirt. I scoff at the description because anything which only costs £23 couldn't possibly be leather. It's still mighty fine though (and I approve of it being honestly described as leather-effect on their website).

I dug out an H&M jumper of yesteryear to wear with it as I thought the lace-effect sleeves would work well. So here's my ensemble du jour: 

You like? You like? I like lots.
Jumper: H&M
Skirt: Pull&Bear
Wedge Boots: Tophop

Now let me tell you, this skirt took some ironing! Irons and I have never got on, but sometimes I just have to admit defeat and reluctantly give an item a good pressing for it to be wearable. Every one of these skirts in the shop was creased to bejaysus, so be warned that you'll need to exert some elbow grease if you want to get one too. Despite my iron-related reservations it was the studs on this skirt that really swung it for me and I just had to have it. 


Q: Where's the camera gone? A: It's behind you!

The skirt in action: it walks!

The skirt in stasis: still creased despite my best efforts, gah.

Hair 'mare. 

I'm very easily distracted.

Successful pose eventually achieved. Result!


  1. Never mind the skirt, your hair is looking totes amazeballs, by the way! (sorry - love that phrase!)

    The dipped (?) hi-lights(?) - NYC, or local? Lush!

    1. It's still dip dyed, I had it done just before I went to the States. We had a conversation about it, remember?? Tsk, and I thought *I* was the one with the rubbish memory... :)

  2. I love this skirt, looks amazing on you!
    Maddie xx

  3. Really love the sheer shirt- great buy xx


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