Sunday, 30 December 2012

Forty-two or "Iron Maiden"

What a weird time of the year this is, that time between Christmas and New Year's Eve: Chrimbo limbo! It's being on holiday without going on holiday, a staycation I guess. Whatever it's called I could certainly get used to this and LOVE not waking up to my alarm every day and actually being able to spend some time in my flat. Although truth be told, I think the cat is sick of the sight of me already..

Today's outfit post features a metallic-hued jumper I bought just before Christmas. It's a lovely pewter colour with shots of sparkly thread running through it which makes it feel dang festive, but not over-the-top glittery, so it can still be worn beyond 26th December. This is fortunate as I've chosen to post this up on 30th December! My boyfriend reckons this jumper also looks like chainmail... with this in mind I wore it to fight through the crowds whilst doing last minute Christmas shopping - elbows at the ready *fierce face*.

Tip: click on the photo for a closer look ;)
This is an unusually ladylike outfit for me, heightened by the pleated skirt, sheer tights and Peter Pan necklace - quite the departure but I love it! I added my new Missguided sky-high boots for a bit of edge. AND I managed to get a decent non-blurry, naturally lit photo of them this time, so you can fully appreciate their awesomeness, you lucky people. Look!

I'll finish with a word of warning: there are hazards associated with wearing such a floaty pleated skirt and they can be viewed below, which I shall from hereon in refer to as my Marilyn Montage:

My Outfit
Jumper, Dress & Necklace: H&M
Boots: Missguided (here)
Tights & Earrings: Primark
Socks: Topshop
Nails: 'Motcomb Street' by Nails Inc and 'Brazil' by Topshop


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