Friday, 18 January 2013

Dip Hem Dress

Today I'm completing my triumvirate of black dresses, all acquired over the past few weeks. This one was actually the first that I got and I tried out three different sizes in the same dress before I decided this was the one for me. Gotta love ASOS and their free returns policy!

It's a very simple sleeveless dip-hem style and I'll probably get a lot more wear out of it in the summer (if we get one). Either way, it is most definitely winter now and for its first outing I decided to pair it up with my NYE jersey jacket which was crying out for another adventure. I took it to work, so failed to give it the excitement it craved, but hey, as outfits go, it did the job.

Let's agree to ignore my whole head here: bad hair AND face day
Getting ready to dust those knuckles
Definitely a dipped hem. Yup.

I've noticed that the shops are still overflowing with dip hems, but despite this I can't help but feel a little weary of this trend already - it just feels 'over'. I think I'll probably end up getting the hem shortened so that it's the same length all round, whaddayathink??

There's certainly been a lot of black going on recently on this blog! Consequently I've sternly told myself that the next time I buy something it absolutely must have some colour in it. I swear. I'll try my best. Honest.

My Outfit:
Dress: ASOS (here)
Jacket, Necklace, Spiky Rings: Primark (probably still in stores)
Boots: Runway Shoes (here)
Chunky Ring: Accessorize (old)
Socks: Topshop

My Nails:
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  1. Those boots are gorgeous. You look really lovely here xxx

  2. Love your style!
    Check out my blog? I followed you :-)

  3. Gorge boots. Want them so bad!!!

  4. Your boots are amazing!
    I love your ouffit :)
    UK High Street Fashion & Style

  5. Love love love love your blog!! Yoour hair is AMAZING i would really apprreciaate if you had the time to check mine out maybe???

    Jean xox

  6. Another awesome outfit. I love the dip hem and that patterned cardigan really makes the whole outfit. And bad hair day, what on earth do you mean? :D

  7. Love this outfit! I've nominated you for a Liebster award, please take a look at my post :) xxx

    1. Thanks! I did a Liebster post in November last year, check it out!

  8. This is really lovely. That jacket is totally divine, big time lusting going on over here!

    Mona x

  9. SUCH a lovely outfit, adore the jacket :)

    from helen at thelovecatsinc // twitter // youtube


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