Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Alphabet City

How about I share the outfit I wore to my birthday drinks last week, eh? I completely failed to take any photos on the day itself so decided to recreate it a couple of days later on Sunday, the only day of the weekend when I was neither deliriously drunk nor horribly hungover. And there I was thinking I was going to have a few quiet birthday drinks in a civilised low-key grown-up manner. Maybe next year, eh!

I bought this shirt on my actual birthday (Friday) as a present to myself... one of several, oops. It has an oversized cut, but despite this I inexplicably decided to go up a size. I still haven't decided if that was the right thing to do or not, but whatever. This is the shirt I ended up with so I'll just have to deal with it.

Birthday nail art still holding strong
Don't you just hate it when you get something new, you think you're the first person to rock it, only to discover that someone else got there first?? That happened to me TWICE when I realised this shirt featured on not one, but TWO other fashion blogs last week! Check out the lovely Lily at llymlrs and Maddie at Maddie-Elizabeth for their ways of styling it. In my defence, it is a kick-ass cool shirt AND only £12 from Primark, therefore not surprising it's like catnip for fashion fans. A random girl even came running up to me in the pub on Friday demanding to know where and when I got the shirt! Yuhuh. Catnip.

Speaking of catnip, spot the running theme with some of my birthday cards this year:

Whilst still riding high on my birthday well wishes, I just wanted to give a big ol' non-drunken heartfelt thank you to all my followers and regular readers of this blog. It really does mean a lot to me that someone other than my mum (hi!) reads my ramblings, or at least gives a casual glance to find out what I'm wearing or reviewing. As a mark of my gratitude I've decided that when (if?!) I get to 100 GFC followers I'll do a give away. I will! C'mon, help a friend out here and follow follow follow, I love giving presents!

My Outfit:
Shirt: Primark (not at all the same here)
Skirt: Pull & Bear (similar here)
Coat: Topshop (old)
Boots: Runway Shoes (here)
Necklace & Bracelets: Claire's Accessories
Nails: by WAH Nails (here)


  1. I am in LOVE with your shirt, definitely catnip! So simple with a gorgeous pattern. How amazing is your nail art too! oh and happy belated birthday
    Lianne x

    1. Thanks! A whole week later and it has only just started to chip, definitely worth the money :)

  2. Aw thanks for mentioning me, love how you've styled it, looks amazing with the gold necklace. Such a cool shirt for such a reasonable price :) xx

  3. In love with this shirt - so fun!

    Now following, be great to follow each other on GFC :)

    Also, if you could please take a look at my latest post:

    Fashion Find - Mina UK on

    Thanks :)



    1. Thanks! I'll definitely take a look at your blog, thanks for the follow.

  4. I bloody love this shirt too, blogged about it earlier in the week, look!

    1. Haha, I'll definitely take a look, am interested to see how other people style it too.

  5. I love this shirt!! And your boots are amazing!! You have great style. I really like you blog, and am following!

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks! Although I've never actually killed anyone..

  7. Ahh amazing shirt! I want it. Everyone seems to find great things in Primark and I just fail miserably haha. I also LOVE your skirt. Its a great look and you have great style!

    Love your blog - I'm your newest follower :)
    Abby x
    Be You and Be Beautiful

  8. Such a lovely post, I like these pictures so much! :)

    Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (

  9. Nice Shirt :)
    Check out my blog at:

  10. Oh my goodness! I love everything about your top! It is beyond amazing! And those boots, love!

  11. I love your outfit! The skirt especially!
    - Charlotte

    1. Thanks! I keep forgetting about it then panic wearing it before it goes out of style :)


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