Saturday, 2 February 2013

Jeepers Creepers

Dearie dearie me, I am HUNGOVER. My witty (?) repartee has taken a dive somewhere in the depths of my self pity. Y'see it was my birthday yesterday and I drank a LOT of beer and Bellinis then shook it all about on the dancefloor. Today the remnants of that potent cocktail are making their presence felt in a brutally painful way. Woe. Is. Me.

However, let's not dwell on that and look at some clothes instead! This outfit is a nod to the 90's grunge trend that is everywhere at the moment. I have heartily embraced this look as anything which involves a slobby oversized top and a hair-saving beanie is a winner in my book - I'm a huge fan of lazy comfort dressing. I could lie and pretend this is what I'm wearing today, but that just isn't true as I'm actually wearing my trusty hangover go-to outfit of choice: the onesie. I'm never going to show you a picture of that, so let's go back to the 90's fest:

I've been lusting after creepers for literally years now. I first noticed them about two years ago and instantly fell in shoe love, however could never justify the inexplicably huge price tag of ~£100 from Underground: I don't think so! Then whenever any cheaper creepers came out in places like New Look or wherever, I always seemed to find out too late and they would vanish off the shelves before I could get my grubby mitts on them... UNTIL NOW! *Fanfare* Primark to the rescue! (I knew they would, eventually). £12 for these babies. 12. ££s. Praise be!

And so to the rest:

I've nailed the tired and shifty look
Here I come to save the day! (Save it from what, I don't know).

So there we have it, a great comfy weekend chilling outfit. I would have worn this today, had I been able to contemplate getting dressed. Instead, I alternated between flopping around on my bed, then flopped around some more on the sofa, then back to bed again. Sighing profusely throughout. Hangovers, I shake my fist at you.

My Outfit:
Shirt & Large Rings: Topshop (old, similar here)
Leggings & T-shirt: American Apparel (here)
Creepers, Necklace, Spiky Rings: Primark (similar creepers here)
Beanie: Topman (here)



  1. I love these shoes... oh and your skull bracelet :) xx
    Gem ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  2. Your black shoes are so pretty, love them! :)


    1. Thanks! I'd say they were more badass than pretty, but whatever ;)

  3. just found your blog and love your style! you have really cute freckles! new follower :)


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