Sunday, 10 February 2013

Palm Sunday

Now I go through phases of loving and hating Primark. Yes, it's essentially cheap tat however when there are such absolute bargains to be found on a daily basis it's hard not to be seduced, especially when shopping on a budget. This happened to me recently when I made the mistake of going in there the day after payday and embarked on what can only be described as a shopping frenzy. If I were in the habit of doing 'haul' posts, I would have plenty to talk about! Let's just say my loot involved three tanks (tops, not vehicles), a jacket, a shirt, a pinafore, jewellery... the list goes on.

So I thought I'd show you one of those tops that I snatched up and ran with to the till in my haste for it to be mine all mine. I've got a holiday in Greece to look forward to in May and I've started my clothing quest early. I love the colours and palm print of this top, which I got in a couple of sizes bigger to ensure a nice loose fit:

Bekl kindly sent me a selection of their surfy-style friendship bracelets last week and the bright summery colours perfectly compliment this outfit. They look great layered up on top of each other, I can see me getting a lot of wear out of these! There's also a 'smiley' bead bracelet in there, where at least £1 from each purchase is donated to the anti-bullying charity Beat Bullying UK - cool with a conscience, what's not to love!

I'm a big fan of discovering new blogs and I can't recommend enough that you check out Mary Helen Saba's Theme Me blog here. She has set herself the personal challenge of dressing up in a different fancy dress outfit EVERY DAY FOR A YEAR. I've only recently come across this blog and it is hands down the funniest 'fashion' blog out there. Mary Helen, you rock!

My Outfit:
Palm Tank, Knit Kimono & Creepers: Primark (current, old, current, respectively)
Leigh Jeans: Topshop Petite (here)
Necklace: H&M (current)
Bracelets: Bekl (here)
Beanie: Topman (here)

One last thing: I'm going to do a give away if I reach 100 GFC followers, can you help me get there??


  1. I bloody love Primark and I'm not even sorry! Love the tshirt!

  2. I agree about primark I also have a very love hate relationship with it!

  3. Love the styling,totally agree with feeling love/hate for Primark !xxxx


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