Sunday, 10 March 2013

Blazer Trail

Thanks to everyone who entered my Benefit Passport to Posh giveaway! I am currently wading through all the entries and will be announcing the winner in the next few days.

Now it's no secret to anyone who knows me that I've always been a bit of a tomboy. In fact, it's only over the past few years that I've started wearing skirts and dresses without having them imposed on me by either a school uniform (back in the day) or a formal occasion such as a job interview or a wedding to attend.

These days I love to have as many choices as possible for an outfit and own many skirts and dresses that I willingly wear no matter what the occasion. So maybe it's because of my tomboy roots that I am absolutely embracing the current trend of manning up my outfits, be it with bowler hats, oversized shirts, chunky boots or, in today's case: the blazer. I'm all over this. Here's one I bought earlier:

I love this blazer. It is a roomy fit but doesn't swamp me, and is made of a tweed-esque lightweight boucle fabric giving an overall neutral colour impression - the perfect jacket for Spring! Now we just need Spring to get its ass in gear and start shaking.

You may have noticed in these photos that I've got Imaginary Fido with me again. This is my second attempt at a tripod-utilising photo shoot and it went a lot better this time, I'm happy to report, despite the visible wire.  There are also lots of off-camera glances going on here, at my uninvited audience of passers-by and neighbours who were fascinated by my activities of the day. You can read about my first attempt at solo fashion photo-taking here (there's a real cat in that post, too).

My Outfit:
Blazer & Shoes: Primark (similar here & here)
T-shirt & Socks: Topshop
Skirt (old) & Rings: Forever 21
Necklace: River Island (similar here)

My Nails:
See this post here

I have a request! Company Magazine are holding their annual Style Blogger Awards and it would mean the world to me to be nominated! If you like my blog it would be SO AWESOME if you could nominate me in the Personal Style Newcomer Blog category, as Woo Be Red is less than a year old (aww). You can nominate right here. Blogging consists of hours of writing blog posts, standing in the freezing cold taking outfit photos and generally getting gawked at like I'm a weirdo whilst posing for the photos.. it would make it all so worth it! And I'll love you forever, I swear.


  1. Love this outfit, especially love the skirt! xxx

  2. Just got introduced to your blog, loving it. Great outfit x


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