Monday, 25 March 2013

Manicure Monday: Nail Art Fruit Decals

I spontaneously picked up some fruit design nail decorations by Nail Art in Topshop a few weeks ago and have been itching to try them out ever since. There are four supercute designs in the pack: oranges, apples, kiwis and cherries. A veritable fruit salad! I decided that a pale lemon yellow would be the perfect base colour and found it in Max Factor's Mellow Yellow.

Mellow Yellow is the first Max Factor nail polish that I've ever tried and I was a little disappointed by it. The brush is slim (I prefer wider brushes) and the polish applies a little streaky, although became opaque after two coats. Three coats would have been even better. It also started to chip within a few hours of application, which is NOT ON. Despite all this, the colour does look great for my purposes.

To apply the fruit decals I put a liberal coating of clear nail polish on the back of each one, then pressed it down on my nail with a cuticle stick, holding it in place until it stopped slipping. I then topped off each nail with a clear topcoat to keep everything in place. Describing this as fiddly is a complete understatement, it took blooming ages! The effect is kinda cool though. Behold:

Left hand
Right hand
Both together
I'm really pleased with the overall effect of these decals, they look so cute and have brightened up my nails in a fun way. They're made of a Fimo-like material and are quite thick, but keep catching in my hair and on paper pages, amongst other things, so I'm skeptical as to how long they will stay attached. I'll keep you posted!

My Nails:

*I actually bought mine from Topshop for £2.50, so check in store too as I couldn't find them on their website.

EDIT: Four days passed before I lost my first kiwi whilst washing my hair. That's actually quite impressive. In fact, the decals had much more staying power than the nail polish!


  1. Those nail art fruits are adorable!! xx

    1. Thanks! They certainly took a lot of effort though!

  2. Fruity! :D They look cool! The yellow is perfect with them!

    Yes let us know how long they stay put, the stars in my OPI liquid sand 'The Impossible' kept catching and getting pulled off as well!

    1. They stayed put for about four days in the end, which is quite impressive really. I lost my first one whilst washing my hair, then decided to just take the rest off, which was actually quite easy.

  3. Your nails are insane here, so cool! My sister would love this - sending her the link now :)


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