Saturday, 6 April 2013

Red and Pink

In this post I shall mainly be channelling Molly Ringwald and her character Andie in one of my favourite 80's films, the glorious 'Pretty In Pink'. No, I'm not being shamelessly self-congratulatory on my appearance, but instead I am referring to Andie's penchant for wearing pink. Nothing out of the ordinary there, until you realise that Andie/Molly is an out and proud redhead. And we all know that red hair and pink clothing is not usually a winning combination.

In this longwinded manner, I'm actually announcing my new hair! I got it done did a couple of days ago by the lovely Sara at Lisa Shepherd London after deciding it was time to get rid of my tired looking blonde dip dye and go back to my red roots. I LOVE IT.

I traded in my dip dye for some tie dye in the shape of my pink print bodycon midi dress that I haven't worn in months as it was off being shortened, a common occurrence for almost anything I buy. However this time I forgot to pick it up so I've only recently got it back... it had been gone for so long that it feels like having gained something new again!

So... like my blog? How about being totally awesome and nominating me in Company Magazine's Blog Awards? Woo Be Red is less than a year old so would fall into the newcomer category for personal style / fashion, you can nominate right here but quick! I heard there's only a few days left! I would love you forever and ever, I really would.

My Outfit:
Jumper: H&M
Dress: Lavish Alice
Boots: Topshop
Necklace & Rings: Forever 21
Spiky Rings: Primark

WOO BE RED! How about a little vote for me?


  1. Your hair looks amazing! The new colour really makes your eyes pop! Looking gorgeous :)

    Kerry x

  2. Love that necklace!! And your hair looks fantastic :)

  3. Beautiful colour lovely girl! Really striking! xxxx

  4. Such a striking colour lovely! And I love that necklace :) x

  5. Your hair looks amazing! You are so lucky to be a red head.
    I gave your blog a little vote, I think you really deserve it.
    Bethan x


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