Wednesday, 17 April 2013

The Future's So Bright...

...I gotta wear shades! Hellz yeah, Spring has finally sprung and I know I'm not alone to be jumping for joy like an especially energetic newborn lamb. I'm loving the sunshine, the gentle breeze in the air, the cherry blossoms in full bloom... all of it. Bring. It. On. As such, last weekend had me busting out my shades for the first time this year and it was glorious. Obviously this is England though, so the bikinis and shorts aren't making an appearance just yet, but a maxi skirt and pleather jacket do the job very nicely. Behold:

Now, I have been on quite the journey looking for this skirt, let me tell you. Back in my early blogging days last summer, I mentioned my fixation with a very similar skirt in this post here. I never did get round to buying the Urban Outfitters beauty I was swooning over, so when I spotted this one in Primark last week, I snatched it off the rack and sprinted to the tills with a triumphant cackle before I even realised what I was doing. You know what was the best thing of all about this skirt? It didn't even need to be shortened *gasps*. This skirt and I are going to be very happy together, mark my words. 

My Outfit:
Skirt, T-shirt (old), Belt, Creepers: Primark (see links for similar)
Jacket: Topshop Petite (old, similar here)
Necklace: Forever 21
Bracelets: Claire's

My Nails:
See this post here


  1. Love the skirt! Such a cool pattern. I'm so super happy that spring finally arrived in Sweden too! Let's hope it's here to stay! ^^

    1. Thanks! Spring is definitely the best time of year :)

  2. LOVE the outfit! A long skirt is the perfect accompaniment to cloudy but not too cold weather typical of Britain in spring... Wahoo! Love it. Also busted out my shades yesterday when I saw a hint of sunshine gleaming through the black clouds. Scottish weather FTW. lovely post as always! lots of love, Megan from x x x

  3. I hope you and your new love are very happy together! haha. I love it and I love how you've styled it avec biker jacket. xx

  4. Fabulous sunnies, also love your nails!
    Would love you to check out my latest outfit post :)
    Have a wonderful weekend Hun xoxo


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