Thursday, 9 May 2013

And Again

Did everyone see Keira Knightley's wedding photos this week? I for one am so impressed with the whole look that she went for and the apparently low-key approach to her nuptials. Bravo, Keira. And how beautiful was her Chanel? Rodarte? wedding dress? Very. It really was. But get this: it may or may not have been the first time she wore it because... there's a photo from 2010 where she's wearing what very much appears to be THE EXACT SAME DRESS *gasps*. If this is in fact true, then Keira, I salute you even more for your down to earth nature. I'm sure she'll rest easy tonight knowing that she has my seal of approval.

The Evidence:
2013 photo: / 2010 photo: Rex
So in the spirit of recycling outfits, I'm showing you a dress that has been on my blog before, because this is real life and I most definitely wear items again and again. Last time you saw it styled up in a more wintry fashion (here), this time it's for a UK Spring. No doubt I'll show it again for Summer, 'cos I just can't get enough of this amazing dress. So there.

My poor old boots

You'll notice that my boots have also been worn again and again - so much so that they are nearing the end of their life. This saddens me, especially as I can't imagine finding another pair that I will love as much as these. I've been eyeing up this pair in River Island recently but can't decide if they are a worthy replacement. Or affordable to me right now, harumph.

My Oufit:
Dress, Necklace, Cuff (£18 not £81!): Urban Outfitters
Jacket: Topshop Petite (old, similar here)
Boots: Topshop (very old, similar here)
Rings: Primark & Topshop (all old)


  1. Keira Knightly has always been so real and I've always admired that about her. She looks stunning in the dress...

    I always wear the same boots too, I'll wear the same pair until they fall apart, buy another pair and do exactly the same aha. Nice outfit btw!

    Samuel James Morris

    1. I know exactly what you mean! Kindred boot spirits..

  2. I'm all for recycling outfits, so much so that I don't put summer clothes away during winter and vice versa, I just make them work for the season.

    If that is in fact true and she has worn that dress before (it certainly looks incredibly similar) then I have even more respect for this lady.

    I love your boots. I know how hard it is to find a replacement that lives up to its predecessor! xx

    1. I also keep all my clothes available all year round. Especially winter stuff for summer.. an essential in the UK!

  3. Has anyone ever told you how much you look like Hayley Williams?! :O

    1. They haven't! I don't often get told I look like anyone else, but whenever I do it's always a comparison to another redhead - woo! I'll take it, thanks :)

  4. I like the sound of recycling outfits! I do this a lot actually. I can wear my summery clothes in Winter but with a coat and scarf on top, who says you can't wear florals in winter? ;)

    Great post!



    1. Thanks! I keep my full wardrobe to hand all year round too :)


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