Thursday, 30 May 2013


Oops I've been away from Blogland a little longer than anticipated. What with being on holiday, then being back at work, mixed in with general loafing around, well... all of this has taken time out of my guilty little blogging hobby. I have lots of photos and outfits to share with you from my travels to Greece, but in the meantime thought I would give an inaugural shout out to my Instagram account... something I have neglected to mention here before. So. I'm on Instagram. My user name is woobered. Follow me, if you like *beams*.

Here's some choice pics from over the past few weeks (click on them to get a closer look):

1. Sushi / 2. Spots / 3. Stripes
1. My most very favourite fast food in Soho: hand rolls from Yoobi. Yum!
2. My desk got dotted by the desk decorators at work - a lovely surprise!
3. Sunshine means deckchairs on the terrace at work.

4. Polka dots / 5. Pimms / 6. Pastels
4. Pastel polka dots (see post here).
5. Bank holiday Pimms in a beer garden.
6. Whole lot of love for my new mint Zatchel! And lilac beanie!

7. Sunbathing / 8. Sparklers / 9. Sealife
7. Obligatory pool shot with my freckly knees in Zante.
8. Matt is unimpressed with Greek gimmicks in drinks.
9. We spotted a turtle! It was bloomin' massive!

10. Caretta Caretta / Clothes / Claw
10. A souvenir from Zante (also a good squeezie for painful beauty procedures).
11. An outfit for May in England. Hence the layers.
12. My nails now! OPI black matte & glitter.

I hope you enjoyed my little Instagram round up. If you're on there, look me up at woobered


  1. love your zatchel looks just like the cambridge satchels, cheeky! Hope you had a lovely holidaaaaay, also is your OPI polish black matte or is it just a matte finish you put over the top? I wannnnnt it! xoxoxxooxxx

    1. It's a matte top coat over a black OPI polish. I can't remember the name, unfortunately, as I had it done in a salon :s


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