Sunday, 12 May 2013

Pastel Polka Dot Nails

I do love a bit of nail art and if it's something that I can tackle myself, then all the better. Just about the easiest nail art to accomplish is that of the polka dot - honestly, it is! It helps if you get yourself a nail art tool, like this dotter below, which I bought as part of a pack for the princely sum of a couple of British pounds from Amazon.

I had some time on my hands over the weekend so I decided to paint each of my nails a different pastel colour (SO last year, right!) and then dot them up. Here are the colours I chose and the results of my labour:

My Nails:
Rimmel Lycra Pro: Aqua Cool
Barry M: Mint Green
Barry M: Berry Ice Cream

My Polka Dots:
Barry M: Matt White


  1. I usually wear black nail polish but these are SO PRETTY :O

  2. They look so lovely! I like polka dot nails so will definitely try the pastel look out :) xx

  3. Reaally cute! Think i have to do this next! :D

  4. Very pretty I love it :) really easy to which is good so will be giving this a go myself ;-)

  5. Jealous of your steady hand! These nails are so cute :)



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