Sunday, 9 June 2013

Graduate Fashion Week 2013 - Nottingham Trent University Catwalk Show

Last week I was extremely lucky to be invited by the lovely Suzanne at Bright Light PR to watch the Nottingham Trent University Catwalk Show as part of Graduate Fashion Week. Did I need asking twice? I did not! I immediately grabbed my good friend Sue and off we went to get our fashion show on - the first ever such experience for either of us.

Our seats were right at the end of the catwalk, so we had a fantastic view of the models as they twirled and preened for the photographers. And thank goodness for those photographers because the images I'm including here were taken by them and not by me. Believe me, my photos were dreadful - oh so consistently blurry! Those models move fast! My poor iPhone just couldn't cope.

Back to the catwalk: there were 23 incredibly talented graduate designers each showing six outfits for autumn/winter. There was a lot of amazingly elaborate knitwear, coats and a general wintry feel to many of the collections. But not all of them! Colour pallets ranged from Kim Cooper's all white collection (soz, no pics) to Jennifer Diederich's 90's rave-esque bright primary colours. Vanina Yankova's pastel knitwear collection was accessorised with awesome mega-winged glasses and Katy Whitehead's elegant cocktail dresses were just beautiful. However, the showstopper for me was a billowing red gown and black leather jacket ensemble by Kelly Walker. Absolutely. Stunning. Enough of my jibber jabber, I'll let the pictures do the talking. Behold:

Top: Naomi Lewis / Nathan Roberts
Bottom: Olivia Baker / Joseph Horton
Jennifer Diederich
Vanina Yankova: with wings!
Top: Thea Sanders
Bottom: Ryan Farrell
Katy Whitehead - love love love
Kelly Walker: THAT dress
See what I mean? Incredible! I loved every second of the show and could definitely get used to attending many more! (Hint hint).

So.. what do you think? Who are your favourite designers of what I've shown you?

All pictures by David Baird.
Eternal thanks to Bright Light PR.


  1. Wow your so lucky to have been invited to a fashion show, i've always wanted to go to one. My favourites are definitely the Katy Whitehead dresses, they are very elegant & the red piece at the end is lovely too.


    1. It was such a great experience, I loved it!

  2. Replies
    1. They do, don't they! I can't take credit for either, unfortunately :)

  3. Love these pics, such a great selection!


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