Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Shoeburyness Sunday

On Sunday, the boyfriend and I decided we absolutely had to head to a beach whilst the weather was super sunny, so we immediately jumped in the car and headed over to Shoeburyness. Why Shoeburyness? Well, why not! One weekend Budapest, the next... Essex!

I dressed for the beach in a cover up (just about passing it off as a dress) yet failed to take along a bikini to change into. Oopsy. We also hadn't realised just how windy it would be at the beach - something that was instantly apparent by the sheer number of kite surfers doing their thing in the bay. Kite surfing. That there looks like a cool activity! However, I kept my feet firmly planted to the ground whilst strolling along the beachfront and valiantly attempted some outfit poses in the force 10 gale. OK OK, that's a SLIGHT exaggeration, but it was definitely a windy day*. Check it out:

OK, so I managed to find a wind-free spot here..
Kite surfers in the background!
Beautiful new arm candy from Black Tied!
Excuse the randoms lurking in the background

My Outfit:
Tank Top: Monki | Bandeau: New Look | Sandals: Office | Bracelets*: Black Tied
Necklace: Forever 21 | Sunglasses: M&S (old, similar here) | Rings: Topshop / Primark
Satchel: Zatchels

*For reasons of vanity I chose to display photos which ended up looking not especially windy. If you want a true reflection of how the majority of the photos went, have a little watch of this Instavid:

Saturday, 27 July 2013

An Ode to Budapest

For anyone who doesn't follow me on Twitter / Instagram, then you won't know that I spent last weekend in Budapest, Hungary. I went. I saw. I swooned. What an awesomely beautiful city! With this in mind, I thought I would share some snaps I took whilst there to spread the Hungarian love.

Budapest is actually formed by two cities located on either side of the Danube river: hilly Buda in the west and flat Pest in the east. I stayed at Le Meridien hotel, slap bang in the heart of Pest, and could not have wished for a more ideal location. I used this as my base to explore the city on foot and here's what caught my eye (warning! LOTS of pictures here).

The castles. Oh my goodness, the fairy tale castles! A Disney princess couldn't have wished for a more picturesque setting. This one is Fisherman's Bastion (not actually particularly old, or a castle, but certainly has the wow factor).

Minus Sleeping Beauty?
Vajdahunyad Castle in City Park:

Minus Rapunzel?
Buda Castle. So immense I could only get a full picture of it from down on the Széchenyi Chain Bridge!

Minus Cinderella?
As well as stunning castles and palaces, there are also some other beautiful buildings, notably St Stephen's Cathedral, where I took a trip up to the dome at the top and gazed breathlessly across the city.

I was superkeen to see the Parliament building but when I got there it was encased by fences and a building site - the surrounding area is currently undergoing a facelift. Gah! So I also took a picture of what it's going to look like, according to an artist's impression. I'm helpful like that.

Another amazing view, this one looking from Fisherman's Bastion across the Danube. The Parliament building is on the far left, the cathedral's dome on the right.

There was a temporary ferris wheel on the square right outside our hotel so one night we took a spin around that. We absolutely weren't drunk at the time. Nope.

The wheel / The cathedral viewed from the top of the wheel
Antique and thrift markets are big news in Budapest, you can find anything and everything!

Look closely at the label on the gramophone.. recognise anything?
Here's some statues and monuments. Just 'cos.

Hungry in Hungary? (Boom boom). Here's what you can eat: goulash (delicious!), cheese plate (it's not a holiday without one) and an enormous salted pretzel. Oh yeah!

Sightseeing in a new city is of course very interesting, but my most favourite thing that I did was relaxing at the Szechenyi thermal baths. It was bliss! There are many naturally-heated baths outside as well as inside, all different temperatures, so I made sure to sit in every single one. I then finished off my trip with a massage. Sigh. I want to go back right now!

Let's finish off with some photos of me, me, me. Just to prove I was actually there!

I <3 Budapest!

Friday, 19 July 2013

ASOS Floral Smock

Occasionally on this blog I have compiled wishlists and collages of items that I covet. However, I have swiftly come to the conclusion that this is a Bad Thing. Why? Well... I have very little self control when it comes to shopping. If I decide I want something then I just must have it. I must! This is how I came to own this dress here. I put it in this wishlist post then could not get it out of my head. It simmered there, taunting me with it's beautiful unusual print and oversized comfortable slouchiness. The insouciant beguiling fiend!

For a while, ASOS was on my bank balance's side. The dress remained stubbornly out of stock for the longest time, until one day recently, suddenly it wasn't. It was back in stock! I immediately snapped it up and waited breathlessly for it to arrive. As soon as I put it on I knew I had made the right decision in ordering it for the second time (yes the second time, more of that in a sec). I wasn't going to let it slip out of my hands again. So I kept it. And I love it *sighs blissfully*.

The Biggest Dress in the World (actually a size XS o_0)

So yeah. I HAD actually ordered this dress a few months ago, for the first time. Despite loving it back then, I was unsure as to the sheer extent of the oversized tent-like shape. Did it make me look pregnant?? My boyfriend confirmed that indeed it did. Pah. So I reluctantly sent it back. However, I've since realised that I just don't care about looking pregnant (I'm not) and I won't let that stop me from wearing this delight of comfortable dressing. This lead me to putting it in the wishlist, then ultimately reordering it and keeping it. So, Biggest Dress in the World, I fully embrace you. Or I would if my arms could fit around you.

My Outfit:
Hat: Urban Outfitters (old)
Sandals: Office
Bracelets: Claire's
NecklaceRings: Topshop

Before you go, take a look at the outfit in motion. Not least to see my cat's bemused reaction.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Green Zatchel

This post is very much long overdue - it's all about my GREEN ZATCHEL *angel choir sings*. I bought this a few months ago, back when Zatchels were offering 50% off everything on their website to celebrate their two year anniversary. My goodness, there were some beauties on offer! After much agonising I eventually chose (deep breath) a 13" grass green classic shape 100% leather satchel, with slider strap, and waited eagerly for it to arrive. It took a few weeks as all of their orders are handmade, but it was absolutely worth the wait. It even came with its own authenticity certificate AND an outer bag to keep it pristine - how cute!

Zatchel satchel inside a Zatchel bag. Yup.
These photos were taken back in May when I was in Zante.. in fact it was my first day there, which explains why I'm so deathly pale. I've since been sitting in a vat of fake tan every day so will no longer blind anyone with the glare from my pallor.

Note the slider strap. Took me ages to decide if I needed it or not.
May as well show you my first ever Shellac manicure too - it really did last ages!

I really really love this bag! I have mainly been using it for occasions when I don't need to cart around a whole heap of stuff, because unfortunately it doesn't fit a huge amount inside. I've also shortened the strap since these pictures were taken, to make it a more suitable length for little old moi.

Finally... can we just take a moment to appreciate the colour?? It's so so beautiful! I can see this bag and I having a long and happy life together!

My Outfit:
Grass Green Satchel: Zatchel
T-shirt: Daydreamer LA at Urban Outfitters (old, similar here)
Denim Skirt: Vintage
Sandals: Topshop
Sunglasses: Therapy at House of Fraser (old, similar here)

Friday, 12 July 2013

Motel Daisy Print Dress

Cor blimey guv, it's been a whole week since my last blog post! What have I been doing with my time? Enjoying the weather, that's what! The UK has finally cottoned on to the fact that it's July and has been gloriously sunny for a whole eight days now. Woohoo, fire up the barbecues!

I've been modifying my wardrobe accordingly and waltzing around in a whole array of summer dresses this week, one of which I'll share with you today. It's a Motel daisy print smock dress, various versions of which have been doing the rounds in the blogosphere for the past few days. I got my 'Penny' style a couple of weeks ago from ASOS and have been wearing it constantly: to work, to the theatre, to the pub... there's no situation this dress isn't perfect for, I kid you not! Let's all bask in its gloriousness:

Nails: Ballet Slippers by Essie
Dizzy daisies

Regular readers of my blog may feel they are experiencing déjà vu: I admit there are more than a few similarities with this Topshop dress that I wore to a wedding recently. It is not the same dress. Really it's not. There are a whole heap of differences: the shape and colour of the daisies; the cut, the style, the fabric. It's completely different! Which is how I could justify buying it. So there.

My Outfit:
Necklace: Topshop
Rings: Primark & Topshop
Bracelets: Claire's

Friday, 5 July 2013

Rainbow Polka Dot Nails

It seems like quite a while since I last did a nails-based post, so that's what I'm offering today. There's a story involved here: some time ago I arrived at work on a Monday morning to the delightful surprise that my desk had been decorated with an explosion of colourful polka dots! It really boosted my spirits, so this is the inspiration for today's design, which graced my nails for the whole of last week. Yes, I'm a little slow with posting, but hey, better late than never, right?!

I started with a base coat of Barry M's Matt White. Then using my super trusty dotting tool I did diagonal rows of dots in pastel colours, starting with the centre and working outwards. Here is the end result: not bad, eh?

And here's the inspiration: my desk!

And the sweet sweets that were included <3
Where did my nails go?! (Guffaw)
What do you think? Have you ever taken inspiration from unusual places?

My Nails:

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