Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Green Zatchel

This post is very much long overdue - it's all about my GREEN ZATCHEL *angel choir sings*. I bought this a few months ago, back when Zatchels were offering 50% off everything on their website to celebrate their two year anniversary. My goodness, there were some beauties on offer! After much agonising I eventually chose (deep breath) a 13" grass green classic shape 100% leather satchel, with slider strap, and waited eagerly for it to arrive. It took a few weeks as all of their orders are handmade, but it was absolutely worth the wait. It even came with its own authenticity certificate AND an outer bag to keep it pristine - how cute!

Zatchel satchel inside a Zatchel bag. Yup.
These photos were taken back in May when I was in Zante.. in fact it was my first day there, which explains why I'm so deathly pale. I've since been sitting in a vat of fake tan every day so will no longer blind anyone with the glare from my pallor.

Note the slider strap. Took me ages to decide if I needed it or not.
May as well show you my first ever Shellac manicure too - it really did last ages!

I really really love this bag! I have mainly been using it for occasions when I don't need to cart around a whole heap of stuff, because unfortunately it doesn't fit a huge amount inside. I've also shortened the strap since these pictures were taken, to make it a more suitable length for little old moi.

Finally... can we just take a moment to appreciate the colour?? It's so so beautiful! I can see this bag and I having a long and happy life together!

My Outfit:
Grass Green Satchel: Zatchel
T-shirt: Daydreamer LA at Urban Outfitters (old, similar here)
Denim Skirt: Vintage
Sandals: Topshop
Sunglasses: Therapy at House of Fraser (old, similar here)


  1. Very cute bag!! I am yet to get my mitts on a satchel. On the large to buy list :)



    1. You should get one, they're awesome! Especially with all the different colours around at the moment. So. Pretty.

  2. Such a cute satchel, lovely fresh colour too x


    1. Thanks, I love it! As if that weren't already evident enough :)

  3. Hi!

    I just nominated you for the liebster award! Check it out here.


    1. Thanks! I did it back in November last year, check it out :)

  4. This bag is really great!
    Greetings from Vienna!


  5. Beautiful bag!


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