Sunday, 4 August 2013

Instagrams of Recent Times

I'm having a very lazy weekend, so am going to keep the words to a minimum and hit you with some recent Instagram snaps (you lucky devils). Here's what I've been up to recently and remember! You can see more pictorial gems if you fo-o-ollow me on there - I'm woobered.

The summer of Pimms (& strawberries) | Pimms on the go - I'm so classy
En route to sunbathing in the park | Fave summer nail polish - Barry M Gelly in Guava

Cooling the cat | Lovely new Black Tied jewellery <3
Margarita at a Texan BBQ | Revisiting 2010 with my fishtail plait

The view from the terrace at work - not bad! | A woodland walk
Bourjois Color Boost in Orange Punch | Best. Hat. Ever. (by Paparazzo Jo)

Train travel beverage - more classiness | Outside C.S. Lewis's house in Oxford
Met this little guy on an Oxford country walk | PJ Sunday

To conclude I've really been enjoying the summer sunshine these past couple of months! How have you been spending the summer? How do you feel about Instagram round up posts?


  1. Great blog!!

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    1. Thanks! If you want to follow me, please go ahead, no need to wait for my follow :)

  2. I love these posts.. im so nosey :)



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