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NARS Eye and Cheek Palette - At First Sight

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So for this post I shall be looking at the NARS Eye & Cheek Palette 'At First Sight' that was kindly sent to me to review by the lovelies at, an online hair and beauty product store. This is my first foray into using NARS so I was super excited to get up close and personal with this palette. Take a look:

First up, the eyeshadows. There are four in the palette, three of which are slightly shimmery. The colours are: All About Eve, a lovely pale neutral beige; Bellissima, a soft mid-brown and the only matte shadow; Nouveau Monde, a metallic silver lilac; and Cordura, a dark brown with a gold shimmer running through it. All the colours are beautiful, but I was confused at the inclusion of the lilac in the predominantly brown colour scheme. However, brown shades are my go-to colours of choice for eye make up so this palette is right up my street.

As the title suggests, the palette also includes a couple of cheek products: the hilariously named Deep Throat blusher - a coral pink that immediately appealed to me, as well as the slightly scarily dark-looking Laguna bronzer. I've helpfully swatched everything in the palette, 'cos let's face it, we all love swatches:

1 Deep Throat Blusher | 2 All About Eve | 3 Bellissima
4 Nouveau Monde | 5 Cordura | 6 Laguna Bronzing Powder

Now for the fun part! I've tried all of this on for you and here's how it looks on my face (except for the lilac eyeshadow, which I just wasn't sure what to do with).

Excuse the wonky fringe

So how does it hold up? I have to say, I was a little disappointed with the staying power of the eyeshadows, which is not great. I have very oily skin and always apply a primer to my eyelids, but even this couldn't keep the eyeshadow in place all day - a problem I have with most eyeshadows, to be honest. Also, my usual gel eyeliner rubbed off more quickly than usual. This is a real shame as I love the colours in the palette. However, I shall persevere and reserve these eyeshadows for non-gel eyeliner days, using the darkest brown shadow as a soft eyeliner instead.

How about the cheek products? I LOVE THEM! The Deep Throat blusher is a perfect colour for my skin tone and does stay on all day. I don't usually wear bronzer and was a little apprehensive of the Laguna, but I was very pleasantly surprised. It gave a natural-looking warm tone to my paler than pale skin and didn't look remotely muddy, as most bronzers tend to do on me. Win win!

I can't go without mentioning the palette itself.. it is made of a very tactile smooth rubbery material and shuts with a satisfyingly loud click - a sure sign of a high end make up product, reflected in the £45 price tag. Whilst at first glance this may seem steep, you really do get a lot of products for your money.

So overall I like this NARS Eye & Cheek Palette a lot. Despite the lack of longevity in the eyeshadow, I have no issues with reapplying as needed throughout the day as the colours are absolutely beautiful and spot on for my taste. Except for the lilac, that still baffles me.

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  1. I'll definitely go and like that photo for you! This palette looks gorgeous!x

  2. The colours are so so pretty! :) It's a shame about the eyeshadows not having great staying powder though, as I have oily eyelids too :( maybe with a cream eyeshadow as a base they may last longer? The blusher goes really well with your skin tone; it looks amazing! x

    1. Thanks! I've since tried a different pallet with similar colours and they hold much better :)

  3. These colours are pretty! I've used Nars eyeshadows before in a palette and have to agree about the staying power - I wasn't that impressed! I have oily skin too and even with a strong primer, it didn't stay very long!

    Christina | Passion Obsession

    1. I'm glad it isn't just me who has experienced this problem!


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