Friday, 9 August 2013

Orly FX Nail Polish - Aqua Pixel

Now I'm not usually a huge fan of glitter polish in summer, however when Beauty Expert sent me this intriguing little bottle of Orly FX Aqua Pixel nail polish, I was immediately transfixed by the colour - a beautiful shimmering blue green, absolutely jam packed full of glitter. I couldn't wait to try it, so I did, and loved the bejewelled effect it left on my nails. Let's take a look:

I found the formula to be a little thin, despite the sheer amount of glitter it contains, but it still only took two coats to achieve full coverage. The rubberised lid ensures a firm grip when applying and the brush itself is a decent width, meaning the polish is easy to control. Added bonus: it is relatively fast drying, woohoo!

My biggest problem with glitter polish is the difficulty in removing it. However, whilst this one does take a bit of effort, it isn't the trickiest I've ever encountered, which is a relief. At £10.80 per bottle, it's at the higher end of the polish spectrum, but I would say it's worth it - you certainly get what you pay for (and a whole heap of glitter at that).

All in all it's a big thumbs up from me - this polish looks like a mermaid's tail on a nail! Blinging and beautiful - I'm surprised at just how much I like it!

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