Tuesday, 10 September 2013

John Frieda Full Repair Hair Range

My hair is the bane of my life. There. Said it. There's loads of it which I guess is a good thing, however it is pretty fine and so coarse that I'm fighting a constant battle with frizz - which doesn't seem fair when it is naturally so so straight. Add to the fact that I regularly colour and use heat on it (hair dryer, straightening irons, curling irons).. well, all of that results in generally unhappy hair. When I lived in Japan I used to get a 'straight perm' (AKA permanent hair straightening) every six months to fight the frizz, however this is so expensive to get done in the UK that I have since had to look to products alone to help me out.

I went on holiday to Ireland a couple of weeks ago and took along some John Frieda Full Repair products for the ride, seduced by the promise of them reviving overstyled, heat and colour damaged hair - their handy travel sizes were perfect to try on my rebellious titian mane.

I used their Full Body shampoo and conditioner and was very happy with it. It claims to reverse the look and feel of damaged hair with every use... it certainly seems to help! It also smells good and yes, does the job well. Whenever I wash my hair no matter what I'm using, I always shampoo twice, then comb through a generous dollop of conditioner before covering with a shower cap (sexy) leaving the conditioner to soak in for a few minutes. Believe me, my hair needs it and this method works a treat.

Repairing Oil Elixir
Here's what one pump of oil looks like. Ooh.
After rinsing, towelling dry and giving a good all over squirt of my usual conditioning spray, I decided to try out the Repairing Oil Elixir (i.e. hair oil), which should be used on damp hair. One pump of the hair oil is plenty enough and I applied to the ends of my hair, avoiding the roots. I then blasted my hair dry and went over it with the hair straighteners then curling iron, as always. I was very happy with the results - hand on heart, I love this hair oil! So much so that it has immediately made its way into my regular haircare routine. It leaves my hair silky soft and looking a great deal less coarse and frizzy, without feeling weighed down. Dare I say it, my hair seems to be on its road to recovery! That's a win all round. Here it is in (photographic) action:

My Hair Products:

Have you tried John Frieda products before? Do you have a favourite hair oil? Tell me your thoughts!


  1. I have heard amazing things about John Freida products but I have yet to try it because he really doesn't make products for my hair type. But your hair looks really pretty :)

    -B ♡ MsBerryStylish 

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