Sunday, 8 September 2013

Seascape Island Apothecary - Les Petits Body Lotion

If you're a Deathly Pale like myself, it is possible that you spend the entire summer slathering yourself in lotions and potions to try and reduce the glare from the pallor of your limbs. I certainly do! If I'm not using heavy duty fake tan, then I use a daily fake tanning body lotion in my anti-corpse quest. However, as the weather starts to turn more autumnal, I'm less concerned with getting my legs out and more than a little relieved to get them back into the aesthetic safety of black tights, stashing away the fake tan for another year. Phew.

However, this opens up a whole new dilemma: the need to start frantically scanning the shelves for a replacement body lotion which does purely what a body lotion should do: moisturise one's body with a pleasant non fake tan (read: stale digestives) scent. I came across a bottle of Seascape Les Petits Body Lotion from and was delighted to discover that it does the job perfectly.

I'm also loving the Seventies seahorse!
This lotion is a good consistency, not too thick, not too runny. It sinks into my skin leaving it feeling lovely and moisturised but not greasy. Scented with 100% natural lavender and chamomile essential oils, it makes a pleasant change to fake tan biscuits. And the pi├Ęce de resistance? It has a handy pump action bottle, which I'm always partial to: if I don't have to waste precious seconds in the morning opening and closing a bottle of lotion, then that's a few extra precious seconds I can spend in bed. Who doesn't want that, I ask you.

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