Thursday, 31 October 2013

Halloween Nail Art

Halloween is by far my favourite thing about the autumn/winter months - much more fun than Christmas! To celebrate, I decided to cram as many different Halloween-themed nail art designs onto my hands as I could find. I trawled Google Images for inspiration then pinned my favourites to this Pinterest board, some of which include links to tutorials (if you fancy giving any a whirl yourself, as I did). Happy Halloween, folks!

The overview
The bases
Stage I complete (under the watchful eye of Mango)
The tools (some of them)
Tadaah! The left hand...
The right hand
The aftermath

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Sunday, 27 October 2013

A Weekend in Bath

Roman Baths, innit.
Sampling the waters Part I
Sampling the waters Part II
Soul restored!
A skeleton on a bike! Well it is nearly Halloween...

Matt & I spent last weekend relaxing in the soothing warm waters of the Thermae Spa in Bath. It was wonderful, I heartily recommend it. Without going into details, I’ve been having a bit of a rubbish time recently and there’s nothing like a bit of rest and relaxation to restore the soul and the Thermae Spa is the perfect place to do just that! There are two pools which are heated by the mineral-rich hot springs of Bath, the only place they occur in the UK. One of the pools is outdoors up on the roof with a fantastic view of the beautiful city and its surrounding hills. Bliss indeed! Sadly, I couldn't take any pictures from this session as cameras are not allowed, but you can check out the website and ooh and aah over that, if you're so inclined.

However, as you can see I did manage to take pictures elsewhere on my trip! No visit to this city is complete without a wander round the Roman Baths, so we did that too.  I couldn’t resist dipping my fingers into the waters (also not allowed – naughty girl) and can confirm that they are indeed still kept pleasantly warm, despite no longer being used for bathing. I then sampled the drinking water, also warm, which tasted odd. Not gonna lie.

Even though it's not quite yet Halloween, I took the opportunity to wear my new favourite bat print jumper as I wandered around sight-seeing. Let’s face it, a bat is just a bath with no ‘h’. Right...?

Have you ever been to Bath and its spa? Where else is good to visit for a bit of a rest in the UK?

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Biker Jacket (similar here)Joni Jeans & Chelsea Boots (old) : Topshop

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Lush Mint Julips Lip Scrub

You know what isn't cool during cold weather? Flaky lips, that's what. Luckily lip scrubs exist to combat this pesky problem and I have found a FANTASTIC one at Lush. They stock several different flavours of lip scrub but after conducting a careful sniff test I chose Mint Julips because it smells absolutely amazing: minty and chocolatey, exactly like After Eights - my favourite!

Mint Julips is presented in a little pot and is packed full of a sugary sweet sticky powder-type substance. I use my finger to rub it over my lips and it does a brilliant job in exfoliating away any dead skin or stubborn flakes. The best bit? When finished I can lick away any leftovers as it also tastes exactly like After Eights - yuh-uh-um! Finish with a slick of lip balm et voilĂ : perfectly soft smooth lips. In your face, winter!

This is all you need to start scrubbing those lips
The self-satisfied smile of someone who has defeated wintry flaky lips. (i.e. me).

My Lip Scrub:

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Daisies in Autumn

Daisy prints are big news right now, which is fortunate because I've fallen for them. Hard. Not only have I been sporting them on my nails, I've also been wearing my Motel Rocks daisy dress to death, as it is coping surprisingly well with the summer to autumn transition. Just add a bargain-ous Primark furry fluff fest of a cardigan and voilĂ : instant autumn update.

Fluff fest. Love it.
Oh hello, Miss Lurk-in-the-shot passerby photo bomb annoyance. Pah.

In other news, is anyone else having issues with coats this season? I bought the most amaaazing furry Topshop Teddy coat which I absolutely adore, but have realised that it is not yet quite cold enough to wear comfortably. It turns out that I need a lighter option to see me through to the cold winds of the UK winter. I'm a cheapskate so don't want to spend a huge amount on a second coat so I'm thinking of this one from H&M, but can't yet decide between red or grey. What do you reckon?

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Monday, 7 October 2013

Dark Daisy Nails

I've been AWOL more often than not recently, for which I apologise. I have a lot going on right now! So here's just a quick post to show off a variation of these daisy print nails as done previously.

The main difference to last time is technique (and obviously the black base). I still relied on my trusty dotting tool but instead of keeping all my dots/petals separate, I made clusters of five white dots, let them all dry, then went back in and added a dot of bright yellow on each cluster. I'm quite pleased with the overall effect.. they definitely look like daisies and not fried eggs, right? Right?

My chosen colours
White clusters
With added pollen! (Or yolk, depending on what you see. Sigh).

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