Monday, 7 October 2013

Dark Daisy Nails

I've been AWOL more often than not recently, for which I apologise. I have a lot going on right now! So here's just a quick post to show off a variation of these daisy print nails as done previously.

The main difference to last time is technique (and obviously the black base). I still relied on my trusty dotting tool but instead of keeping all my dots/petals separate, I made clusters of five white dots, let them all dry, then went back in and added a dot of bright yellow on each cluster. I'm quite pleased with the overall effect.. they definitely look like daisies and not fried eggs, right? Right?

My chosen colours
White clusters
With added pollen! (Or yolk, depending on what you see. Sigh).

My Nails


  1. Definitely daisies! They look really pretty :) xx

  2. Definitely very pretty daisies! I need to get practicing x

  3. Love these nails they look amazing :) x

  4. lovely nails! :)

  5. Love the cute though I wish I could do the same but I'm so the most clumsy person ever and my daisies would look like fried eggs instead!

    1. Who knew what a fine line there was between creating daisies as opposed to eggs :/


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