Sunday, 3 November 2013

H&M Bouclé Boyfriend Coat

I mentioned in this previous post how I'd seen an awesome coat in H&M that I wanted to get but just could not decide on which colour. Guess what... I bought it. Obviously. It had become too much of an obsession to ignore! In the end the colour choice was a no-brainer: I chose grey over red, purely for versatility. This lightweight coat is perfect for milder winter days and oversized enough to allow plenty of chunky layers to be worn underneath. I LOVE IT *sighs blissfully*.

I thought I'd also take this opportunity to share some of my other recent purchases, all in the pursuit of winter warmth... 'cos I become a right whinger if I get cold. We can't have that. I found these super-cute fingerless gloves? mittens? in Monki and snatched them up immediately. They have barely left my hands since I bought them.

The boots I saw on a wishlist on the lovely Charlotte's wonderful blog Ordaining Serendipity and just knew that I needed them too. I don't often shop in New Look but I really think they constantly excel themselves in the range of footwear available - I shall be stalking the New Look website more often!

Other news... did anyone go to see any fireworks displays this weekend? I joined the crowds at Alexandra Palace to see the spectacle up there, it was great to have a display held back in my 'hood again. This is my favourite time of year with Halloween closely followed by Bonfire Night, it's all downhill now until spring as I can't bear winter... ooh, that's a gloomy finish. Sorry!

My Outfit:
Bouclé coat: H&M | Dress (old) & Cat Gloves: Monki | Boots: New Look | Hat: Topshop (old)


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