Sunday, 24 November 2013

Motel Rocks Tartan Dress

Each season I tend to develop an obsession with one thing or another from the fashion world. Over the summer it was smock dresses, whilst this autumn/winter it is most definitely tartan. I can't get enough of it! So combine a smock dress and a tartan print and I'm swooning all the way to Christmas. CHECK it out! (guffaw...)

So far this Motel Rocks dress is the third plaid piece residing in my wardrobe, in addition to a tartan scarf and a T-shirt. I'm now turning my quest towards leggings and have my eye on this petite pair from Topshop. Roll on payday!

I should probably also mention how I've recently embarked on an unprecedented boots buying bonanza in Topshop. They're killing me with their beautiful booty! Here I'm wearing the first of three (gulp) pairs that I've managed to acquire in as many days, but it should be immediately obvious why I just had to have them. Just look at them!

Are you obsessed with tartan (and boots) as much as I am? Should I check myself into retail rehab? Do I need an intervention?

My Outfit:


  1. Love those golden tip shoes so cute!!

  2. I think I might have to join you in retail rehab! I'm trying not to look at topshop boots as I know I'll want some more!
    I love the dress it goes so well with your hair - which looks amazing!
    Also I love the brightness of the nail varnish.

    Emma Xx

  3. You look incredible, as always! That dress is GORGEOUS!

    Charlotte - x

  4. Red heads and tartan is a match made in heaven, and Scotland (I can say this because I am Scottish right?) I am so with you on Smocks, they are so comfy. Perfect for winter eating.

    Emma x

  5. Love tartan so much! I think it is definitely my favourite trend this season. This dress is amazing, I definitely need to get shop and invest in some ASAP. Loving your blog. Followed xxx


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