Monday, 23 December 2013

Manicure Monday: All That Glitters

I love a glitter nail polish, I do. Maybe it's my inner 5-year old, but I just can't resist the addition of a sparkly top coat to an otherwise understated manicure. Having applied a wintry pale blue polish yesterday, I couldn't decide which glitter to add on top, so tried out these five:

And here are the results:

The order of glitter here is reversed to that in the photos above, oops

Whilst I like the different effects of each of these top coats, for a wintry glistening snow kinda look, in my opinion you can't beat Barry M's Silver Lights, the one on my little finger.

So.. Christmas nails sorted. Which top coat is your favourite?


  1. Very pretty :) I like sparkly nails!

    Maria Pol |


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