Thursday, 13 February 2014

Afternoon Tea at The Athenaeum

I've had a thoroughly lovely day today and thought I would share some snaps with you! Admittedly they're only from my iPhone, not my nice posh camera, so please bear with me.

Myself and the girls from work decided we were long overdue a team outing and could think of no better way to spend an afternoon than stuffing ourselves silly with cake... ahem, I mean 'partaking in the quintessentially British tradition of afternoon tea'. Bring on dem scones!

We went to The Athenaeum on Piccadilly and my oh my it did not disappoint. Finger sandwiches minus crusts: check. Scones and clotted cream: check. Cakes upon cakes upon cakes: check. How about a glass of champagne, madam? Don't mind if I do! (And tea. Mustn't forget the tea).

Of course, any meal involving a scone always leads to two debates:
1. Do you pronounce 'scone' as rhyming with 'John' or 'Joan'? (me: 'John')
2. Which do you spread first on said scone: the jam or the clotted cream? (me: cream first, then jam).

I even have a fashion tip for you: wearing a loose-fitting dress to afternoon tea is a Very Good Idea. It meant I could keep on ploughing through those cakes even when the other girls had reached their fill. Greedy? Me? Possibly... I do feel a bit sick now.

Where have you tried for afternoon tea? Recommendations please!

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  1. This looks absolutely lovely, what a perfect way to spend an afternoon!
    I've only ever been for afternoon tea once and that was at Harrods and it was lovely. xx

    1. Ooh, I bet a Harrods tea would be incredible! I'm adding it to my list :)

  2. This looks amazing.

    And for me, Scone like moan and cream first!


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