Thursday, 24 April 2014

Stripes & Gripes

Here's one of two Topshop stripey dresses that I bought recently. I really wanted to take decent photos to show this one off in its full glory, buuut... it shrunk in the wash before I could coax anyone into being my photographer, so I had to return it to Oxford Circus today. Cue big waaah, sulky face, minor tantrum. To make matters worse, this beauty is no longer in the shops or on the website either, so it is lost to me forever. This makes me very sad. I would like its memory to live on so have assembled a montage to remember it by. Goodbye lovely stripey dress, with your oh-so-perfect slash neck and 3/4 length sleeves. You looked so cool with a biker jacket! You will be sadly missed. I'll never forget you!

I have to say that I've been forced to return quite a few items to Topshop over the last year or so, due to various wardrobe malfunctions. Amongst others these have included broken zips, shoddy stitching, random unsightly fabric quirks and of course shrinkage (and yes, I am able to operate a washing machine correctly. Always at 30 degrees!). I'm getting a bit bored of standing in the (always long) returns queue clutching my dashed dreams in clothing form. Is it too much to ask for quality manufacturing to fully represent the awesome styles in store? The prices keep rising but standards are slipping. Come on, Topshop: sort it out! 

My Outfit:
Awesome-est Stripey Dress Ever (Deceased): Topshop Petite. Out of Stock *sob*
Biker Jacket: Topshop (Old. Hasn't had any malfunctions at all, for the record).

P.S. My facial expression today wasn't dissimilar to my cat's. In the third photo. Although I was possibly more snarly.

Something amazing just happened. I'm currently in my hometown and was stunned to spot this dress in the tiny branch there. My feet left the floor and I glided over in a ray of heavenly light... YES! there it was in PETITE and IN MY SIZE! No brainer, I bought it again. Topshop, you are forgiven. I shall just never wash this dress... or instead use the 'hand wash' cycle. I'm not a skank.


  1. I love this stripy dress, I tried one on in Urban Outfitters but it wasn't nearly as nice! Your blog is lovely x

  2. your hair color is so beautiful

  3. Yay! Glad you found another striped dress, it's so cute. And your hair is so amazing, I am so ready to dye my hair again!

    onacruz blog

  4. Cute outfit! :)


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