Sunday, 25 May 2014

Flawless By Sonya Make Up Collection

Today I have a new make up range to share with you - an American brand called The Sonya Collection! A colleague of mine has recently been raving about this range and as I'm always keen to try out new products she gave me a sample selection to road test. Apparently this is the only make up line in the world based on the skin conditioning properties of pure Aloe Vera - this unique combination of natural ingredients protect and nourish the skin while delivering rich and flawless colour, so the products deliver make up and skin care all in one. Sounds good, right? My first impressions were that the packaging could do with a refresh, but aside from that I was really impressed with the quality of everything I tried. Take a look:

Mineral Makeup - Light
This is my first foray into mineral foundation, which is a loose powder applied with a fluffy face brush. I've previously shied away from powder foundation as I didn't think it could ever provide enough staying power for my oily skin, however I was pleasantly surprised with this product, it lasts ages! It also feels really light on my skin so I have remained break out free - excellent! I got the lightest of the four shades available and to be honest it's probably a touch too dark for my vampiric skin tone, however if I actually manage to tan this summer it should be perfect. I'm keeping hold of it for my summer holidays!

Perfect Pair Eyeshadow - Sand Dune
I chose a dual eyeshadow in similar shades to what I usually wear. This one is half beige, half dark brown and has a subtle shimmer. These eyeshadows apply with great pigmentation, have impressive longevity and are lovely and blendable. A thumbs up from me!

Brilliant Blush - Mia
I'm struggling to describe this particular shade... it's kind of a mauve-toned pink (which sounds awful) but is actually just gorgeous. It applies so beautifully, leaving a silky sheer flush on my cheeks. I think this is my favourite product of the bunch!

Delicious Lipstick - Watermelon
This is a close second favourite amongst everything I tried. I really like the coral red for my skin tone and it applies like a dream, so smooth and creamy with a fantastic colour pay off. It has a lipsmacking vanilla scent too which, like the name, is delicious!

Interested to try? There's an interactive website where you can create your look and view all the products available here:
Orders are through email, so contact Faiza Fetwi via for a personalized consultation and/or to order.

Have you ever tried this make up range before? How do you think it looks?


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