Thursday, 8 May 2014

ModCloth Style Challenge

ModCloth have teamed up with (kind of a shopping list platform) challenging bloggers to style an entire outfit sourcing items for ModCloth's extensive online store. Seriously, they have SO MUCH STUFF, it's a little daunting! Their styles are predominantly quirky and retro.. y'know, that all encompassing term used to describe any clothing designed with a nod to previous decades other than our current one. Luckily I'm a huge fan of quirky and retro and can easily lose myself for hours browsing through Modcloth's gorgeous dresses - check them out here.

This week's challenge involves the bold as you like nautical inspired 'Sailboat-load-of-fun' dress. Admittedly it's not something I would have first chosen myself but I gave it a go.  The dress really does speak for itself so I didn't want to overpower or distract attention away with the rest of the outfit. So I added some on-trend transparent fugly sandals (personally I LOVE them!), and to fit in with my current style added a denim jacket and the cutest pug print tote bag ever. I mean.. how couldn't I?? What do you think? Have you ever lost yourself on Modcloth or Check out my Wanelo collection here!

My Outfit (all Modcloth - click for links):


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