Sunday, 15 June 2014

The Ragged Priest - Cluemaster Smock

Oh hey! How've you been? All good I hope. Me, I've been mad busy, as it happens. Consequently, I've completely failed at finding time to snap some outfits recently, so here's one from a few weeks ago which I'm wearing again today, 'cos it's a jacket and bare legs kind of day. 

I'm so taking this dress to the South of France later this month, it's my favourite way to wear gingham right now. Roll on the holiday season, I need some time to breathe!

My Outfit (click on links):


  1. You look great!

  2. Such a cute dress! I'm not always sure about the blending of patterns but it works well here, I guess maybe because both are a variation of gingham!
    JS xx


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