Wednesday, 13 August 2014

The Big Reveal & a Giveaway

So guess what... I'm only bloomin' pregnant, aren't I! 20 weeks to be precise (nearly five months in old money) which means I'm already halfway there. I found out at my scan last week that there's likely a little girl growing away inside of me and I was absolutely delighted. I mean.. we all know that girls get the best clothes, right! Thankfully she seems to be developing exactly as she should at this point, so hopefully all will continue just as well.  Oh and get this: she's due to arrive on New Year's Eve. Yep, New Year's Eve. That should make for an interesting festive season!

Whilst I don't envision Woo Be Red becoming purely a pregnancy blog, this is obviously a massive change to my life, my body and of course my wardrobe, so for the next few months at least this topic will likely be front and centre. Wardrobe-wise, I want to stay as true to my style as my expanding bump will allow. I certainly don't see myself suddenly rocking mumsy frocks and sensible shoes, so hopefully you'll still enjoy paying a visit to see what's been going on with me and my garms, with some beauty thrown in too.

Still with me? Excellent! So here's another big announcement: to celebrate my life-changing news I've decided to do a giveaway! Those delightful people at sent me some lovely pieces a few weeks ago, but my changing shape can't really do them justice so instead I'm going to pay it forward to one lucky winner. If you would like the chance to win these items below, enter in the Rafflecopter and I'll pick a winner on 31st August. A bit more info on the items, both tunics are UK size 10 (M/38) and the flip flops are UK size 4/37.

My Giveaway Items:
Cream 'Platinum' Tunic: here
Blue 'Award' Tunic: here
Check 'Balin' Flip Flops: here


  1. Huge huge huge congratulations! :D xx

  2. Wow congratulations, I have entered x

  3. Congratulations what amazing news :-)
    I have entered your lovely giveaway thanks

  4. Congrats, that's so exciting (super exciting when it comes to baby girls) :)
    Have entered, thank you xx

  5. Wow... congratulations thats amazing! Best dress baby prize goes too......

  6. Those are gorgeous tops and cute flip flops!!! I entered!

  7. Congratulations on the pregnancy! The moment you hold that baby is going to be the best and mist overwhelmingly amazing love you've ever felt I'm happy for you!

    P.S I love the giveaway I hope I win!


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