Saturday, 30 August 2014

The Godmother

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Today was a first: I became a godmother! Amongst all the solemn readings and vows, my best friend's cute-as-a-button son Larry had some water dumped over his head (NOT as an ice bucket challenge) in church and I was on hand to witness it. Then afterwards we went and had a hog roast at her parents' house. It was a lovely lovely day!

Obviously such a responsibility required that I dress smart for the occasion. However I've mentioned before how dressing my expanding pregnant body isn't easy, and 'dressed up' dressing presents a whole new raft of problems: namely, ensuring that I avoid any kind of strapless bra / overly trussed up / risk of a wardrobe malfunction nightmare scenario. Luckily however, Topshop came to my rescue as I found a very easy to wear, yet still stylish, dress in their maternity collection. Phew. I also had the opportunity to wear my brand new orange heels which have been begging for an outing since I got them last month. There's just something about orange that boosts my spirits every time.

I feel I should point out that I've jumped ahead of myself slightly with my blog intentions. I've been so completely and constantly exhausted since I got pregnant that I've barely found the time to blog anywhere near as frequently as I would like. Consequently I've got a stack of outfit photos just waiting to be written up, which I had intended to post in date order to chronicle my growing bump. However I've chucked that plan out the window as I loved my outfit today so much. So here I am, five months (22 weeks) pregnant, in heels, about to feast on a pig. Happy christening day, Larry!

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